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Friday 4th September 2020


The French government has announced a 100-billion-euro stimulus plan to help support the economy and counter the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is expected to create 160,000 jobs by 2021. The French finance ministry has said that this year, the country faced its worst recession since World War 2, with an 11% decrease in GDP.

Near the Italian island of Sicily, 350 migrants were allowed to leave a rescue ship yesterday, and were transferred to a quarantine boat. 150 of the migrants were rescued by a boat funded by the British artist Banksy. Around 43,000 migrants have arrived in Europe this year through the mediterranean, and at least 550 have died.


In Nepal, thousands of people defied government orders regarding COVID to celebrate a religious festival in Lalitpur, near Nepal's capital Kathmandu. The attendees clashed with police trying to break up the rally.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has talked to Al-jazeera about his two years in office and Pakistan's economic future being linked to China. Imran Khan also spoke about the Israel-Palestine issue.

"Any one-sided settlement which is going to be imposed on the Palestinians is not going to work because the issue will never get resolved. And you know, Israel is in a very strong position right now. Probably the strongest it's ever been. It is backed by the United States. But Israel too must recognize this - that if they do not allow Palestinians to have a just settlement, a viable state, this issue is not going to die down. Even if some countries recognize, Israel, it's not going to die down. It will just keep festering. It is in Israel's interest that there should be a just settlement."

In India, Facebook banned the account of a member of the ruling Hindu nationalist party, Raja Singh, for hate speech. Separately, Twitter also announced that an account for the personal website of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hacked. A series of tweets were sent from the account, asking followers to donate to a relief fund.


Ethiopia's foreign ministry says it will bring back about 2,000 migrants stranded in Saudi Arabia next week. The announcement comes after it was reported that hundreds of Ethiopian migrants had been locked in detention centers in Saudi Arabia to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Also in Ethiopia; the US government has stopped aid to the country after Ethiopia failed to make progress in talks with Egypt and Sudan about the “Grand Renaissance” dam on the River Nile. The US decision came after the three countries failed to reach an agreement on Friday about the future of the dam.


In the US, Facebook has announced that it is taking more steps to encourage voting in the upcoming presidential elections. The company said it would restrict new political advertisements in the week before the election and remove posts that convey misinformation about COVID-19 and voting.

In Jamaica, parliamentary elections took place yesterday. Face masks and temperature checks were mandatory at polling stations. At the time of recording this podcast results have not been declared.

And in Brazil, the national football association has said that female national players will be paid the same as male players for representing their country. All players will be granted the same daily and prize amounts for taking part in preparation periods and games.

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With Khadija Tahir

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