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Friday 10th July 2020


In South Korea, the mayor of Seoul Park Won-Soon, has been found dead. Police began searching for Mr. Park, yesterday morning after he didn’t arrive at work. 600 police used dogs and drones to search for Mr Park. Park was elected mayor of Seoul in 2011, and was the first mayor to win 3 terms. At the time of recording this podcast the police have not released a cause of death.

The world has passed 12 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 2.8 million of those are in Asia. India, Pakistan , Bangladesh, Iraq and Iran have all seen large rises in the last few days. Some countries that have previously seemed to have the situation under control, such as Japan and Israel, have seen a new spike in cases. The Philippines has reported a big jump in cases since Monday, although deaths remain low. In India confirmed cases have doubled to 800,000 in less than 3 weeks.

The World Health Organization has announced an independent investigation into the response to COVID19. The WHO has received criticism recently, especially from the United States, which accuses the WHO of favouring China. The former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, and the former president on Liberia Ellen Sirleaf will lead the investigation. Yesterday WHO chief Tedros Adhanom epressed sadness that the United States had withdrawn from the WHO. “And we cannot defeat this pandemic as a divided world. The COVID19 pandemic is a test of global solidarity and global leadership. The virus thrives on division but is thwarted when we unite. How is it difficult for human to unite to fight a common enemy? That’s killing people indiscriminately. Are we unable to distinguish or identify the common enemy? Can’t we understand that the divisions or the cracks between us actually are the advantage for the virus?”

Europe quickly…

Italy has banned the entry of people from 13 countries. The Italian government says that these countries, including Brazil, Chile and Bangladesh have an excessive rate of COVID19 infections. Greece says that it will reimpose some public restrictions next week, because safety guidance is being ignored. And the Serbian government has scrapped the plan for a weekend curfew, after large protests on Wednesday night.

Americas United States president Donald Trump must show his tax history to New York prosecutors, the supreme court said yesterday. Since the 1960s presidents have made their tax returns public, however, Trump has not. Yesterday Trump said that he is a victim of political persecution. He said that this was a ‘witch-hunt’ and a ‘hoax’ and he then repeated a claim that the Obama administration had spied on him, calling it the “biggest political crime in the history of our country”…

“ This is a political witch-hunt, the likes of nobody’s ever seen before. It’s a pure witch-hunt, it’s a hoax. Just like the Muller investigation, it was a hoax, that I won. And this is another hoax. This is purely political. I win at the federal level and we won very decisevley and so they sent it in to New York and you know whats going on in New York, everyone’s leaving, its turned out to be a hell hole, and they better do something about it because people are leaving New York. It’s a political witch hunt, it just continues, its from before I got here, when Obama and Biden and everybody else was spying on my campaign illegally, they were illegally spying on my campaign. And it’s a very grave crime, it’s the biggest political crime in the history of our country.”

In Argentina thousands of people attended protests yesterday, organized by the farming sector. Argentina was one of the first countries in South America to impose a lockdown, and has been praised internationally for the success in stopping the spread of COVID19. However many people are concerned at the worsening of the economy, which was already weak before the start of the pandemic.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo at least two people died yesterday during protests. Protesters are angry about the choice of Ronard Malonda as the new head of the election commission, because they say Malonda has helped to corrupt elections in the past.

Cote d’Ivoire. After the death of Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly, the ruling party have said that current president Outtara, may seek a third term. Coulibaly, who died on Monday, was the favourite to win the election.

And in Nigeria photos have confirmed a group of rare gorillas. The Cross River Gorillas are thought to be one of the most endangered species in the world, but the Wildlife Conservation Society say that this sighting gives hope that the animals are reproducing.

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