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Friday 10th September 2021


In Guinea the leader’s of the recent coup d’etat will be visited by ministers from neighbouring countries today. The foreign ministers of Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo will travel to Guinea’s capital, Conakry, where they are expected to advise the coup leaders to follow a democratic transition. On Sunday President Alpha Conde was removed from power by a special forces unit of the military. ECOWAS the Economic Community of West African States, has demanded the release of President Conde.

Morocco’s general election has completely changed the formation of its parliament. With 99% of votes counted islamists have lost many seats and moderate liberal parties have gained power. The liberal RNI party won the most seats, with the ruling Islamist party of Prime Minister Saadeddine Othamani losing almost all of its seats.


From the United Arab Emirates , former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has apologized for leaving Afghanistan on the 15th August. Ghani has released a video on twitter in which he apologizes for the collapse of his government, but said that allegations he took money with him were false. Ghani said

“Leaving Kabul was the most difficult decision of my life, but I believed it was the only way to keep the guns silent and save Kabul and her 6 million citizens.”. Roya Rahmani, who was Afghanistan’s first female ambassador to the United States, from 2018 until July this year, said yesterday that she was disappointed in Ghani, and that it was corruption that lead to the Taliban takeover...

“The US government has indicated that they were met by surprise. I, as an Afghan, was not surprised by the fact that the Taliban took over Afghanistan the way they did. It was the leadership that was corrupt. They handed over basically the country to the Taliban and their actions lead to that.”

Lebanon has announced a cash card programme to allow millions of people to buy food. Lebanon has been in a severe economic crisis since 2019, with the Lebanese pound losing 90% of its value. Lebanon’s minimum wage in 2017 was the equivalent of $450 US dollars per month. Today it is less than $40 per month. The cash card programme will give people dollars instead of the Lebanese pound, and will give eligible people $25 dollars per month.

In Hong Kong police raided a museum dedicated to the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Police removed many items from the museum, however, according to reuters news agency, the reason for the closure was not given. Hundreds or possibly thousands of protesters were killed in China’s Tiananmen Square on June 4th 1989, however the topic is heavily censored in China.

In India, people are being forced from their homes to make way for a hydroelectric project. Khadija Tahir reports...

In the Kashmir region of India, at least 52 villages will have to be evacuated for the construction of the Indian government's new Ujh Project. The project, built on the river Ravi is expected to produce 186 megawatts of electricity. Its construction will lead to the displacement of 3700 families, most of whom are farmers growing fruit and rice. The Village Social Development and Welfare Committee has started a movement against the project to protect the villagers who will be displaced. Environmental experts have also raised concerns about the negative effects of such a large project on the environment.


In the United States, the government of President Joe Biden is suing the state of Texas over its new abortion law. Last week Texas passed the strictest law regarding abortion in decades, saying that abortion is illegal after any heart activity can be found in the foetus, generally around 6 weeks after conception. Most women don’t know that they are pregnant at this time. The law applies even to young girls and even in cases of rape. The Biden administration have said that the law is “clearly unconstitutional”. In Mexico abortion was decriminalized this week.

Nicaragua has ordered the arrest of writer and former vice president Sergio Ramirez. President Daniel Ortega has been accused of arresting political opponents who could stand against him in Novembers presidential election.


In Europe inflation is at its highest in 10 years. In the eurozone, the area of countries that use the euro as their currency, prices rose by 3% in August. Yesterday Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank, said that the inflation was temporary, as the European economy restarted.

“The current rise in inflation is expected to be largely temporary. And underlying price pressures will build up only gradually. The economy has largely reopened allowing consumers to spend more and companies to increase production.”

In North Macedonia a fire at a hospital has killed ten people. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the fire at the temporary coronavirus treatment hospital was caused by an explosion.

And in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said that sexual activity shouldn’t be part of visiting hours at hospital. After being asked to comment on a case of sexual activity between a patient and a visitor at a hospital in Auckland, Ardern said that that should not happen in visiting hours...

“I would say generally regardless of the COVDI status that kind of thing shouldn’t generally be part of visiting hours I would have thought...

That’s your World News in 7 minutes. Send your opinion or comment on any news story by sending us a message in writing or in an audio message at I’m Stephen Devincenzi. Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.

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