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Friday 12th June 2020.

Starting in Africa…

Coronavirus cases have doubled in 3 weeks in Africa. 100,000 cases have been reported in the last 18 days. The World Health Orgnization says that a lack of testing kits is a big problem for Africa.

Cote d’Ivoire has has suffered a terrorist attack. Ten soldiers died when jihadists attacked a military post on the border with Burkina Faso yesterday. It is the first attack by islamist extremists in Cote d’ivoire since 2016.

Tunisian authorities believe that at least 39 people died last week when a refugee boat sank. Investigators now believe that the boat left Tunisia on the 5th June, trying to reach Italy.

Malawi has announced that elections will be held on June 23rd. Last year’s election results were annulled by the constitutional court, because of irregularities.


United States president Donal Trump has ordered sanctions on employees of the International Criminal Court. The ICC is currently investigating the United States for war crimes committed in Afghanistan. Donald Trump said that the ICC threatened national sovereignty. Seceretary of State Mike Pompeo called the ICC a ‘kangaroo court’.

“ We cannot and will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court and indeed I have a message to many close allies around the world – your people could be next - especially those from NATO countries who fought terrorism in Afghanistan right alongside of us…”

The Trump administration has already attacked other international organizations in different ways, such as UNESCO, the UN human rights council and the World Health Organization. Most of the world’s countries do recognize the international criminal court. However, countries that do not recognize the ICC include India, China, Russia, Iran and Israel.

In the United States over 2 million coronavirus cases have now been confirmed, and 115,000 deaths. In Latin America there have been 72,000 confirmed deaths from coronavirus.

Mexico is said to be suffering a higher death rate because of common health problems in the country. Mexico has one of the highest levels of obesity in the world, and one in seven people have diabetes. Mexico is relaxing its lockdown measures, despite a fast rise in new cases. Mexico has confirmed 130,000 cases. In Peru 215,000 cases have now been confirmed – but Peru’s testing rate is twenty times higher than Mexico’s.

But Brazil is by far the worst affected country in Latin America, with 800,000 confirmed cases, and a low testing rate. Yesterday Brazil announced an agreement with China to produce a vaccine in Sao Paulo. In July a vaccine trial will begin in Sao Paulo, involving 9,000 volunteers.

In Asia one and a half million cases of coronavirus have now been confirmed. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have reported fast rises in the last few days. Qatar is the country with the highest proportion of infections – one in every 40 people has been infected.

Indonesia. Reuters news agency is reporting that hundreds of children may have died of COVID19 in Indonesia. Most evidence in the world suggests that children are less affected than adults by COVID19, however Indonesian officials have connected child deaths to malnutrition.

The Syrian president Bashir Al Assad has sacked the Prime Minister Imad Khamis. State media did not give a reason for the removal of Prime Minister Khamis. Syria’s economy has been failing recently and the Syrian Pound has lost value. Civil War since 2011 has killed over 380,000 Syrians. The Assad government now controls two-thirds of Syrian territory.

Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe wants the G7 nations to condemn China for its actions in Hong Kong. China’s new security laws for Hong Kong have been criticised by many countries for not respecting the policy of ‘one country, two systems’.

Europe quickly…

In Slovakia police have killed a man who attacked staff at a school. The attacker killed one man with a knife before being shot by police.

In Norway a far-right terrorist has been sentenced to 21 years in prison. Philip Manshaus was found guilty of killing his stepsister, before attempting to kill muslims in a mosque.

Switzerland’s lower parliament has passed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. In February a survey showed that 80% of Swiss people support same-sex marriage. Gay marriage is already legal in most countries in Western Europe.

Football. Spanish football league La Liga restarted yesterday. Barcelona and Real Madrid are both trying to win the title, which will be decided within 40 days. Last night Sevilla beat Real Betis 2, 0.

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