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Friday 16th April 2021


Russia has received new sanctions from the United States, including the expelling of 10 diplomats from the US. President Joe Biden said that the sanctions were a response to the extraordinary threat to national security posed by Russia. The United States accuses Russia of cyber attacks on government institutions and of trying to help former President Donald Trump win re-election.

In Myanmar activists have thrown red paint on roads and buildings to represent the blod of the hundreds killed since the military took power on the 1st February. Local media said that o ne man was killed by security forces in the city of Mandalay yesterday, and 19 doctors were charged with supporting disobedience. This week the United Nations warned that Myanmar will enter a civil war if the violence is not controlled.

In the United Arab Emirates the UN has said that they have not received proof that Princess Latifa is alive. Princess Latifa Al Maktoum is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister or the UAE and ruler of Dubai. Latifa has not been seen in public since 2018, however last month she released a video saying that she was being held captive by her father. Sheikh Mohamed has around 30 children and at least 6 wives.

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has welcomed US secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Afghanistan. Khadija Tahir reports...

In Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani met United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken yesterday. The United States has decided to withdraw all of its soldiers from Afghanistan by September 2021. Antony Blinken is currently on an unofficial tour of Afghanistan to discuss the plan with senior Afghan officials. The removal of American soldiers will end a two-decade-long war that began in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks in America. The decision has been reached after months of peace talks between the United States, the Taliban, and the Afghan government.


Brazil’s response to COVID19 has been called a “humanitarian catastrophe” by the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres. In an interview MSF president Christos Christou said that there was no coordination in response, science was being ignored and healthcare workers are being left on their own. Christou also said that the government of President Jair Bolsonaro had had the worst response of any government in the world. On Monday Twitter removed a tweet by Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo, that falsely claimed that lockdowns help to spread the coronavirus.

United States Vice President Kamala Harris has said that she will soon visit Mexico and Guatemala in an effort to slow migration to the US border. In March a record number of unaccompanied children tried to cross the Mexico-Us border. Harris has said that diplomacy must help to solve the problem...

“These are issues that will not going to be addressed overnight. A large part of our focus is diplomatic in terms of what we can do. In a way that is about working with these countries. So for example I have talked to the President of Mexico, the President of Guatemala”.

Also in the United States a police woman has been charged with manslaughter after the death of Daunte Wright. Video footage shows that Wright was shot while trying to escape the police. Policewoman Kim Potter said that she meant to shoot her taser but shot her gun by accident. Lawyer Benjamin Crump said that it was unbelievable that this could happen in Minnesota, just miles from where a policeman killed George Floyd last year.

“It is just so unconscionable and unbelievable that within ten miles from where the trial regarding the killing of George Floyd is taking place, that a police officer will yet again kill another unarmed black man.”


Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has called for an urgent meeting with the leaders of Ethiopia and Egypt. Ethiopia is planning to fill its Renaissance dam on the river Nile, but Egypt and Sudan are concerned at the reduction of water in the River Nile when the dam is being filled.

The International Monetary Fund said yesterday that 30 million Africans are being pushed into poverty because of the coronavirus pandemic. The IMF said that richer countries should give vaccines to Africa to help its economy recover.


Researchers in Europe have said that blood clots are more common from having COVID19 than from receiving any COVID vaccine. This week Denmark and Norway stopped using the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine and the United States paused its use of the JohnsonAndJohnson vaccine. However British researchers have said that only 5 people out of a million would develop a blood clot after taking the OxfordAstrazeneca vaccine, compared to 39 out of a million from being infected with COVID19. Yesterday France passed 100,000 confirmed deaths from COVID19.

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