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Friday 16th July 2021


In Western Europe heavy rains and sudden floods have caused deaths and many people are missing. In Germany at 42 people have died after the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the Rhine region. In the town of Schuld there are 70 people missing. Environment minister Svenja Schulze said yesterday that “Climate change had arrived in Germany”. Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently in The United States for her final visit as chancellor. Belgium has reported at least 6 deaths, and everyone in Liege, the third largest city, has been told to leave. The mayor of Liege Christine Meuse, said that all residents should leave Liege, as water is expected to continue to rise in the city. There has also been serious flooding in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Eastern France.

In the Netherlands journalist Peter de Vries has died, 9 days after being shot in Amsterdam. De Vries was famous in the Netherlands as a crime journalist who investigated unsolved cases. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that De Vries was afraid of nothing. Dutch media has reported that the suspected murderer is connected to Ridouan Taghi, a Dutch-Moroccan criminal that De Vries had investigated.


South East Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines were areas most affected by disruptions of childhood vaccinations in 2020. The World Health Organization has said that 23 million children may have missed their vaccinations because of the coronavirus pandemic, and that preventable diseases, such as measles, polio and meningitis are likely to cause problems in the future. UNICEF immunisation expert Ephram Lemango said that children in conflict zones or living in slums are most likely to be affected...

“Most of these children that miss their first dose of vaccine live in communities affected by conflicts and crises, live in communities that are underserved remote rural places, and they live in informal slum settings, particularly in urban poor areas.”

Lebanon’s designated Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned yesterday after failing to form a government for 8 months. Hariri said yesterday that he has different visions for Lebanon than President Michel Aoun. After Hariri’s resignation the Lebanese pound fell to an all time low of 21,000 to the dollar. The pound, also known as the lira, has lost 90% of its value in the last 18 months.

In China 14 people have been trapped after a tunnel flooded. Khadija Tahir reports...

In China, rescue workers are trying to find 14 workers trapped in a tunnel in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. According to local officials, the tunnel was being built under a reservoir and flooded very suddenly. An evacuation warning was issued, but 14 workers could not make it out of the tunnel. Vehicles from the local fire department and hundreds of people are taking part in the rescue mission.


In Haiti, some of the Colombians accused of killing President Jovenel Mose had received military training in the United States. President Moise was murdered in his own home by a large team of assassins, including Colombians and Haitian Americans, according to the Haitian government. 18 Colombians have now been arrested and 3 have been killed by police. The Colombians are all former soldiers, and their families have said that they believed that they were working in Haiti as bodyguards.

The United States has promised to evacuate thousands of Afghans who helped the US and NATO during the last 20 years. Everyone who is able to apply for a Special Immigrant Visa will be airlifted out of Afghanistan this month. The United States is currently removing almost all of its soldiers from Afghanistan, with only 650 soldiers being left, to protect the US embassy and Kabul airport. In recent weeks the Taliban has won control of many parts of Afghanistan.


In South Africa, over 110 people have been killed this week in violence that started after the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma. The government has said that 25,000 soldiers will be used to protect shops and businesses and to prevent food shortages.

The leader of KwaZulu-Natal province has apologized for punching a looter. In a video which has been widely shared in social media, Premier Sihle Zikala is seen assaulting a man who has just stolen items from a shop.

That’s your world news for this week. If you enjoy the podcast please talk about us on social media. Thank you teacher Mileva Peron from Brazil who shared SEND7 in an Instagram story. We are on social media @send7podcast. Find transcripts and more at I am Stephen Devincenzi. Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.

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