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Friday 19th June 2020

Coronavirus - there have been 450,000 confirmed deaths – but 4.5 million recoveries. The World Health Organization has suggested that a vaccine could be ready and distributed, this year.

Starting with America today…

John Bolton, the former National Security Adviser to Donald Trump has made harsh criticisms of the president in a book to be published next week. The White House is taking legal action [DS(1] to stop the publication of the book. Bolton says that Trump asked Chinese president Xi Jinping for help to win re-election in the US presidential election this year. Bolton’s book also claimed that Trump told the Chinese president to continue to build camps in Xinjiang, where China is believed to have detained a million Uighur Muslims. Trump has said that the book is full of lies, and that Bolton broke the law by releasing classified information…. “He broke the law. Its very simple. As much as its going to be broken. This is highly classified – that’s the highest stage – its highly classified information – and he did not have approval – that’s come out now , very loud and very strong.”

Canada has been denied a seat at the United Nations security council for the second time, after spending $1.7 million on their campaign. The security council consists of 5 permanent members, the UK, France, Russia, United States and China, and 10 non-permanent members. The two ‘Western bloc’ seats were won by Norway and Ireland. Latin America quickly...

The President of Honduras Juan Hernandez is in hospital with COVID19 and pneumonia. In Chile lockdowns have become more strict as coronavirus cases have passed 200,000. And in Peru health workers have been protesting against a lack of personal protective equipment. There have been 240,000 confirmed infections in Peru. Argentina is continuing its lockdown in Buenos Aires, although most other provinces have had their restrictions relaxed. The infection rate in Argentina is 6 times lower than in Brazil.

Asia next…

In India, funerals were held yesterday for the 20 soldiers killed in fighting with Chinese troops in Kashmir. The Indian army have said that none of their soldiers are in Chinese custody. India is planning to impose higher trade barriers on products from China and will try to cut dependence on Chinese imports. Chinese government-controlled newspaper the Global Times has said that "Indian nationalism will harm [their] business ties". In Southeast Asia COVID infections continue to rise. Indonesia is recently reporting over a thousand cases a day- with 42,000 confirmed at the moment . Singapore is just behind with 41,000 and the Philippines has confirmed 28,000 cases. Malaysia is doing better – reporting only ten new cases on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Australia, there is evidence of dinosaurs, the length of a bus. Researchers from the university of Queensland found that fossilised footprints belonged to a giant carnivorous dinosaur, that lived 160 million years ago – 90 years before the T-rex.


In Cote d’Ivoire a landslide has killed at least 13 people. Heavy rains have caused floods in the south east of Cote d’Ivoire.

In Burundi Evariste Ndayishimiye has been sworn in as president. He won an election last month, but coincidentally president Nkurunziza died last week. The opposition party has said that the election was not free and fair.

In Tunisia thousands of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers have gone on strike. The large group gathered outside the health ministry in Tunis to demand improvements in their health system and better working conditions.

And finally, Europe

Germany has accused Russia of planning the assassination of a Georgian citizen in Berlin, last year. The Georgian fought against Russia in Chechnya. Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Mass has threatened to impose sanctions on Russia and Russian national, Vadim K, has been charged with murder. Russian ambassador Sergei Nechayev has said there is no evidence to support these accusations.

And in the United Kingdom, Dame Vera Lynn, a British singer , known as the “Forces’ Sweetheart” has died at the age of 103. She was best known for singing ‘We’ll meet again’ during World War Two for British soldiers and sold more than 1 million records by the time she was 22 years old

By Stephen Devincenzi and Mherunisa Hussain

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