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Friday 1st October 2021


In Brazil, boxing matches at the 2016 Olympics were fixed, according an independent investigation. The report said that referees and judges were “complicit and compliant” in fixing the results of boxing matches at the Olympics in Rio de Janairo. Head investigator Richard McLaren said that judges either knew what was happening or were willing to ignore it. Honest judges were deliberately placed in less important matches.

In the United States, singer Britney Spears has had the conservatorship of her father suspended. Since 2008 Spears’s father Jamie Spears, has had control over virtually all of Britney’s financial life and personal life, including who she can see and when. Britney has been in court saying that she is mentally fine, and doesn’t need a conservator. Last week a New York Times documentary said that Britney’s phone and bedroom had been monitored by people employed by her father. Mathew Rosengart, Britney’s lawyer, said that it was a great day for justice...

“It’s a great day for Britney Spears, and it’s a great day for justice, and there’s definitely something to celebrate.”


China is owed $385 billion dollars by 165 countries, according to a reporty by a US research group. The study which took 4 years to complete, says that 42 low to middle income countries owed China more than 10% of their Gross Domestic Product.

Russia has threatened to ban YouTube if it doesn’t unblock two German-language news channels. Earlier this week RT in German, was suspended from youtube for breaking Youtube’s COVID19 misinformation rules. RT is a media group controlled by the Russian government, that used to be known as Russia Today.


In Malawi a former deputy speaker of parliament has committed suicide in the parliament building. Local media say that Clement Chiwaya shot himself yesterday, after frustrations with financial claims against parliament. Reports say that because Chiwaya was in a wheelchair, he was able to bring a gun into the Malawian parliament without security noticing.

Algeria has demanded answers from the French ambassador, after France said that it was going to reduce the number of visas given to Algerian citizens. Earlier this week, France said that it would drastically cut the number of visas given to people from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco - countries that were part of France’s former empire. The French government said that the decision was made because these countries were not taking back migrants who had been refused asylum in France.


In the United Kingdom, there have been shortages of petrol all this week. A lack of lorry drivers in the UK has affected the ability for petrol stations to receive enough fuel. Yesterday almost half of petrol stations in the UK didn’t have either petrol, diesel or both, despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying on Wednesday, that the situation was improving...

“On the forecourts the situation is stabilizing and people should be confident and just go about their business in the normal way.”

The UK has offered 10,000 temporary visas to allow lorry drivers from other countries to work in the UK. Earlier this week, Olaf Scholz, who will probably be the next chancellor of Germany, suggested that the lack of free movement of workers, caused by Brexit, had caused the problems...

“The free movement of labour is part of the European Union and we worked very hard to convince the British not to leave the Union. Now they’ve decided different, and I hope they will manage the problems coming from that.”

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to a year in prison for illegally funding his presidential campaign in 2012. Sarkozy will be permitted to serve his prison time at home, but must wear an electronic bracelet.

In Germany a 96 year old woman has been arrested for escaping her trial. The woman left court without permission. She is accused of being an accessory to 11,000 murders, while she worked as a secretary at a Nazi concentration camp. Despite being 96, her trial is at a juvenile court, because she was under 21 when the crimes were committed - between 1943 and 1945.

and in Spain, Colombian singer Shakira has been attacked by wild boars. Shakira uploaded videos to Instagram showing how the wild boars damaged her bag that she was carrying in Barcelona, where she lives her partner the footballer Gerard Pique. Wild boards - a type of wild pig - are becoming more common in many European cities.

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