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Friday 21st May 2021


In Israel and Palestine a ceasefire has been agreed. Israel’s government and Hamas, who controls Gaza, both announced a ceasefire last night after 11 days of fighting. Cross-border attacks started last Monday when Hamas fired rockets from Gaza into Israel in response to Israeli police occupying a mosque in Jerusalem. Over 200 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli air strikes. According to the Gaza health ministry most were civilians, however according to Israel, most were Hamas militants. Hamas has sent thousands of rockets into Israel since last Monday, and the rockets have killed 11 civilians. Israel is able to destroy around 85% of the rockets fired into Israel. Yesterday the United Nations held a general assembly meeting about the conflict. UN chief Antonio Guterres said the fighting must stop immediately...

“The past ten days have witnessed a dangerous and horrific surge in deadly violence in the occupied Palestinian territory - particularly Gaza - and in Israel. The fighting must stop immediately. I appeal to all parties to cease hostilities now and I reiterate my call on all sides for an immediate ceasefire.” The ceasefire is expected to start this morning.

In India cyclone Taukte is expected to have killed over a hundred people this week. Most of the deaths have been in the state of Gujarat and damage has been recorded in many Indian states as well as in The Maldives and Pakistan. Khadija Tahir reports reports on a ship that sank close to Mumbai.

The Indian Navy has recovered the bodies of 37 people from a boat that sank after cyclone Taukte hit on Monday. Almost 260 people were on the boat when the Cyclone hit the Bombay High oilfield near Mumbai, where India’s largest offshore oil rigs are located. A spokesperson for the Navy confirmed that 38 people are still missing, while 188 people have been rescued. The survivors spent nearly eight hours at sea before they were rescued. Cyclone Taukte hit India on Monday with winds of almost 210km/h, and has killed dozens of people in the states of Gujrat and Maharashtra.


In Spain more soldiers have been sent to the border with Morocco on the African enclave of Ceuta. At least 8,000 migrants crossed into Ceuta illegally this week, mostly by swimming around the Moroccan border. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has criticised Morocco for not trying to protect the border. Spain says that three quarters of the migrants have been returned to Morocco.

In Kenya a new port welcomed its first cargo ships yesterday. The Lamu port cost $3 billion dollars, and is hoped to improve trade for northern neighbours Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Ethiopia has announced that elections will be held on 21st June. Elections have been delayed twice before, because of the coronavirus pandemic and logistical problems.


Iceland has hosted an international conference on the Arctic. The amount of ice in the arctic has been slowly reducing since records began in the 1970s. Most scientists say that human-caused climate change is the reason that Arctic ice is melting. During the summit the secretaries of States of Russia and the United States met for the first time. Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are expected to meet in person somewhere in Europe next month.

In France a group of women have won a court case over dangerous breast-implants. 2,700 women will receive compensation after a French company was found to be using silicone that was not intended for human use.


In Colombia protests are continuing against the government. Protests started three weeks ago against a tax reform that the government later dropped. Yesterday, a health reform was also abandoned, which appears to be another win for the protesters. 40 people have died in protests in the last 3 weeks, according to human rights groups.

In the United States 3 witnesses have testified in court about the Tulsa Massacre, one hundred years ago. Viola Fletcher who is 107 said that she could still smell the smoke from the day in 1921 that a mob of white people attacked black homes and businesses in the city of Tulsa...

“The night of the massacre I was awakened by my family. I will never forget the violence of the white mob when we left our home. I still see black men being shot. I still smell smoke and see fire.”

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