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Friday 22nd May 2020.

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Coronavirus cases are being confirmed faster than ever. The World Health Organization said that 106,000 new cases of COVID19 were confirmed on Wednesday, the most in a single day.

Cyclone Amphan has killed over 80 people in India and Bangladesh. Calcutta, where 15 million people live, has suffered severe damage and floods. In Bangladesh hundreds of villages have been flooded and over 5 million people have been left without electricity.

China will introduce new national security laws for Hong Kong. Democracy activists say that it gives total power to Beijing. Pro-democracy protests have taken place since last year, however, they have been more quiet since the coronavirus pandemic. Politician Dennis Kwok said that the new Chinese laws would be the end of Hong Kong’s autonomy and democracy…

“This is the end of Hong Kong. This is the end of one-country-two-systems. Make no mistake about it. The international statusof Hong Kong as a city, an international city, will be gone very soon.”

Studies into the drug hydroxychloroquine have begun in Thailand and The United Kingdom. Some coronavirus patients will be given either hydroxychloroquine, or a placebo. United States president Donald Trump surprised the world on Tuesday, when he said that he is taking hydroxychloroquine despite the national drug authority recommending people not to take it.


In Burundi more than 5 million people voted in Wednesday’s election. The electoral commission said that confirming the result would take several days.

Hundreds of people have been killed in South Sudan in violence between communities in the last few weeks. 3 aid workers are among the dead. South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2005, but violence between communities has been common since the country’s creation. Around 60 ethnic groups make up South Sudan’s 11 million people.

In Zimbabwe the deputy information minister has been fired. Energy Mutodi lost his job after a tweet that made fun of 3 female politicians, who were abducted and abused last week.

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38.6 million Americans have asked for unemployment benefits in the last 9 weeks. The unemployment rate in the US is now almost 15%, the highest since the great depression of the 1930s.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has spoken about how facebook controls its content. The billionaire said that Russia, Iran and China have tried to interfere in elections in the past. He also said that false information from Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro, had been removed from faceook, for violating its terms.

“Theres harmful misinformation which is the type of thing that puts people in imminent physical risk. So if youre telling someone that social distancing doesn’t work or that something is proven to be a cure when it isn’t. We want to take that off our servers completely. Theres no exemption on this for anyone in particular, in fact, we’ve had cases of this – the president of braxil did make a statement saying that theres a drug that is proven everywhere to work and be effective, and of course, there is no drug currently that has been proven to be effective everywhere. And we took down his statement and I mean that was very controversial because we were basically taking down something that the president of a major country said, but it clearly violated our policy.”

Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giammattei has condemned the United States for deporting migrants infected with coronavirus. Health officials say that 119 infected people have been sent from the US to Guatemala.

Venezuela is importing petrol from Iran. Traditionally Venezuela is one of the worlds largest exporters of oil, but years of mismanagement has left Venezuela unable to produce oil. Opposition president Juan Guaido says that the need to import oil demonstrates the incompetence of President Maduro. Guaido is officially recognized as president by over 50 countries, most of which are democracies, and Maduro is officially recognized as president by twenty countries, most of which are dictatorships.

A woman in Italy has won a Pablo Picasso painting, worth €1million. Her son bought her a ticket for the competition for Christmas, and the result was announced yesterday. The painting is from 1921 and shows a newspaper and a glass of absinthe.

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