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Friday 22nd October 2021


Russia’s government has implemented new restrictions in order to lower new COVID19 infections. Although in many other countries, high vaccination rates have lowered the number of deaths from COVID19, in Russia, COVID19 deaths are higher now than ever before during the pandemic, with over a thousand people dying a day. In the world 48% of people have been vaccinated, however in Russia, it is just 35%. Yesterday, President Vladimir Putin approved a shutdown of workplaces for a week at the beginning of November. Moscow’s mayor Sergey Sobyanin has ordered that non-vaccinated people over 60 must stay at home for 4 months.

Pakistan’s foreign minister has visited the Taliban in Afghanistan. Khadija Tahir reports ...

Pakistan's foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, visited Afghanistan yesterday to discuss the opening of the Chaman border crossing, one of the main trading routes between the two countries. Qureshi met with the Taliban at the Afghan presidential palace. After the meeting, he spoke with the media alongside the Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi. Closure of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan has hurt traders. Qureshi said that he hoped that all trade routes would be opened again, as soon as possible.

India celebrated giving one billion doses of COVID19 vaccines yesterday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India had a made shield to protect itself from the worst pandemic in a hundred years. India has reported over 450,000 deaths from COVID19, although some studies have shown that since the beginning of the pandemic, India has reported 4 million more deaths than would be expected. New cases right now are lower than the lowest they have been this year.

New Zealand and The United Kingdom have a greed to a free trade deal. The deal w ill mean that almost all import and export tariffs will be removed between the UK and New Zealand. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said yesterday that the deal will help New Zealand recover from the pandemic...

“The historical connections that bind us run deep. This world-leading free trade agreement we are now on the verge of concluding will lay the foundations for even stronger connections in the future. This serves New Zealand well as we reconnect, rebuild and recover from COVID19.


Libya will have an election on the 24th of December. Speaking in Tripoli yesterday, with the foreign ministers of Kuwait and Saudi Arabi, Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah, announced the date of the election, and said that it was possible to end the problems Libya has faced since the revolution of 2011 that removed the government of Colonel Gaddafi. Dbeibah is the Prime Minister of the transitional government, that was formed earlier this year, after many years of rival governments in the East and West of Libya.

In Sudan, hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated demanding full civilian rule of Sudan. These protests are believed to be much larger than protests earlier this week, which called for a purely military government. At the moment, Sudan is controlled by a transitional government, that is half civilian and half military. Both sides have said that they are committed to a transition to democracy, with elections in 2023.


In Haiti, kidnappers have said that they will kill the Americans that they have captured. 16 Christian missionaries from the United States, and one from Canada, were abducted last week by a gang in Port-au-Prince. The gang have demanded $1 million dollars for each kidnapped person.

Chile has elections next month. President Sebastian Piñera is not a candidate as he has already held two terms. The two favourites for president are left-wing Gabriel Boric and right-wing Jose Antonio Kast, who has known for his anti-immigrant ideas.

In the United States, former President Donald Trump has announced his own social media network, called “Truth Social”. Trump was banned from the most popular social networks after the riots at the US congress in January.


European Union leaders have told Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to recognize that EU law takes presedence over national law. Two weeks ago a court in Poland said that Polish law holds power over EU law. EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen said that EU law is the foundation of the union....

“When joining the European Union the Polish people put their trust in the European Union. They expected the European Union to defend their rights, and rightly so. It is my commissions duty to protect the rights of EU citizens wherever they live in our union.”

In France a dinosaur has sold for 5.5 million euros. The largest triceratops ever discovered, named “Big John” was sold to at an auction in Paris an anonymous collector from the United States.

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