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Friday 24th September 2021


In the United States world leaders have continued to speak at the United Nation General Assembly in New York. Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel attacked the United States, claiming that it had a history of foreign policy disasters, referencing Afghanistan. Panama’s President Laurentino Cotrizo asked for help in dealing with refugees passing through Panama. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also spoke about how his country was dealing with millions of refugees. Other leaders, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will speak this weekend. In a summit about coronavirus vaccines, US President Joe Biden promised to donate another half a billion doses....

“Today I’m announcing another historic commitment. The United States is buying another half billion doses of Pfizer to donate to low and middle income countries around the world. This is another half billion doses that will all be shipped by this time nex year. And it brings our total commitment of donated vaccines to over 1.1 billion vaccines to be donated.”

Argentina is stopping most of its coronavirus restrictions. New cases have fallen dramatically since a peak in May. 43% of Argentinians have been vaccinated against COVID19, the same as the vaccination rate for the world.


Japan will probably decide its next Prime Minister next week. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced earlier this month that he will not seek re-election. On Wednesday the Liberal Democratic party will elect a new leader, and the Liberal Democratic party are highly expected to win the next election, in November. Taro Kono, the vaccine minister, and Fumio Kishida, the foreign minister, are the top candidates.

In Myanmar, there has been continued fighting between the army and regional militias. This story from Khadija Tahir...

In Myanmar, fighting between militia forces and the army has caused fires in the town of Thantlang in Chin State. According to local authorities, almost 20 homes were set on fire, and a Christian pastor was killed trying to extinguish the fire. A community leader also reported that four civilians have been killed and 15 injured. In the neighbouring Indian state of Mizoram, a local civil society group said that almost 5,500 refugees had arrived from Myanmar. Myanmar has been under military rule since the government of Aung San Suu Kyi was overthrown on February 1st.

In Sri Lanka a shaman who claimed that he could cure COVID19, has died of the virus. Elyantha White was 48, treated celebrities, and was a personal physician to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. White said that he could cure COVID19 with blessed water.


In Switzerland there will be a referendum on Sunday about whether to allow gay marriage and the adoption of children by same-sex couples. Most opinion polls show that the referendum will approve the law. There are currently 29 countries in the world which recognize gay marriages.

French President Emmanuel Macron has spoken to US President Joe Biden since a deterioration in relations between them last week. France was angered by the way in which Australia cancelled its deal to buy French submarines in order to start a nuclear submarine deal with the US and the UK. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said yesterday that he wanted to speak to Macron, but had not yet had the opportunity...

“I look forward to when the time is right and when the opportunity presents, that we will have a similar discussion.” Speaking to reporters in New York yesterday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that France should “get a grip”, meaning that France should forget about the problem. Using a few French words while speaking to reporters yesterday, Johnson also said that France should “give them a break” while saying that the new partnership with the US and Australia is good for the world...

“I just think its time for some of our dearest friends around the world to prenez un grip <get a grip> about all this and donnez-moi un break <give me a break> because this is fundamentally a great step forward for global security.”


African leaders at the United Nations general assembly have criticised Western and richer countries for the lack of coronavirus vaccines in Africa. Today, in the United States 63% of people have had at least one dose of a COVID19 vaccine and in the European Union it is 66%. However in Africa, it is just 6%. Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa said that vaccine nationalism is self-defeating. South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa, said that it was an indictment on humanity...

“It is an indictment on humanity that more than 82% of the world’s vaccine doses have been aquired by wealthy countries while less than 1% has gone to low-income countries. Unless we address this as a matter of urgency, the pandemic will last much longer and new mutations of hte virus will emerge and spread.”

And in Morocco, archaeologists have found fossils that they have described as showing the weirdest dinosaur. Researchers say that the fossils are around 168 million years old and probably came from a large herbivore. However, they say that the dinosaur has defensive spikes directly connected to its skeleton, which has never been found before.

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