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Friday 26th June 2020

Starting in Africa today…

In Malawi’s presidential election re-run, opposition leader, Lazarus Chakwera is claiming victory, although official results have not yet been declared. The election was held again after the constitutional court annulled last year’s election.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the second biggest Ebola outbreak is finally over. The Ebola crisis first started 2 years ago in August 2018. There is another outbreak in the West of the DRC

Senegalese president, Macky Sall, is in self-quarantine after meeting someone who tested positive for coronavirus. Senegal has recorded 6,200 cases of COVID19.

South African teachers are protesting after a large number of staff members and pupils have tested positive for coronavirus. Principals have written an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa against the reopening of schools. South Africa is the country with the most COVID19 infections in Africa.

In Ethiopia A 114 year old man has recovered from coronavirus. He was treated in Addis Ababa and his doctor has said ‘He is now in good health’.

The Americas…

Brazil’s former health minister Nelson Teich told the BBC yesterday, that he resigned in May after a disagreement with President Jair Bolsonaro. Teich denied that the government made him hide or change the total number of coronavirus cases in Brazil. In early June President Bolsonaro was criticised for limiting the amount of data being released to the public.

Mexico’s finance minister, Arturo Herrera Gutiérrez, has tested positive for coronavirus. Mexico’s confirmed COVID19 cases have doubled in the last 3 weeks, to 196,000.

In the United States, the House of Representatives will vote on a police reform bill called the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. The new law will reduce police powers by banning chokeholds and stopping police from entering properties without knocking. A republican police reform bill was rejected on Wednesday. Yesterday, speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi spoke about why it is important to pass the Democrats bill…

“ Today we are standing here for justice as we bring forward the George Floyd justice in policing act. Exactly one month ago George Floyd spoke his final words – I cant breathe – and changed the course of history. Since that horrific day Americans from every walk of life and corner of the country, have been marching , protesting and demanding that this moment of national agaony become one of national action. Today with the George Floyd justice in policing act, the hous is honouring his life and the lives of all killed by polic brutality and pledging ‘never again’/. The George Floyd justice in policing act will fundamentally transform the culture of policing to address systemic racism curve police brutality, and bring accountability to our police departments . It will save lives.

Asia …

Pakistan’s flagship airline, PIA, has suspended 150 pilots over fake licenses. Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, said that more than 30% of their total civilian pilots are not qualified to fly. This news comes after an investigation of a plane crash in Karachi on May 22nd which killed 97 people.

In India, lightning strikes have killed 110 people in the last two days. At least 83 people in the state of Bihar have been killed by lightening since Wednesday and 24 died in Uttar Pradesh.

Korea yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the beginning of Korean War. Ceremonies were held in Seoul to remember those who died. In the US President Trump laid a wreath at the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC and talked to Korean War Veterans.

And lastly Europe… which has seen another surge in coronavirus cases, for the first time in months. The World Health Organization said that if these resurgences are not controlled, then health systems may struggle again in Europe.

In the UK , 22 police officers were hurt after an illegal street party in South London became violent, on Wednesday night. Police vehicles were smashed, and objects were thrown at police after they asked the crowd to leave. 4 people were arrested.

Russia is voting on constitutional changes in a referendum this week. The referendum was postponed in April because of the coronavirus. President Vladamir Putin has been either President or Prime Minister since 1999, and if the referendum is passed, Putin will be able to stay in power until 2036.

And Football - New Zealand and Australia are hosting the 2023 women’s world cup. This will be the first time a football world cup is hosted in Oceania. And In the United Kingdom, Liverpool has won the Premier League. This is the first time Liverpool has won the top league since 1990.

By Mherunisa Hussain and Stephen Devincenzi

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