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Friday 29th May 2020.


The US, the UK, Australia and Canada have condemned China’s new laws for Hong Kong. They say that the laws break promises made for Hong Kong’s sovereignty, signed between the UK and China. When Hong Kong was passed from British rule to Chinese rule in 1997, China promised to maintain Hong Kong’s autonomy, using a system called ‘One country, two systems’. Yesterday, China’s parliament has approved the new law, which includes making it illegal too ‘boo’ the Chinese National anthem.

South Korea has reimposed social distancing measures, after a spike in coronavirus cases. This is a big change for South Korea, which has generally been seen as having worked effectively against the pandemic. In the beginning of May, daily new cases were often under ten, however, over 120 new cases have been confirmed in the last 2 days.

In Malaysia, former Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad has been expelled from his own party. The Bersatu party, of which Mohamad was a founding member, said that Mohamad had been expelled because he did not support the current Bersatu government.


Protests have continued in the United States city of Minneapolis, after the killing of a black man by policemen on Monday. 46 year old George Floyd died after a policemen pushed his knee into Floyd’s neck. Yesterday protesters and police clashed in Minneapolis, and people broke into shops. Reverand Al Sharpton spoke to crowds in Minneapolis.

“There are those that say to me “Reverand Al we need peace” and we do, but there is a difference between peace and quiet. Some people just want quiet. The price for peace is justice. Don’t just tell people to shut up and be quiet for peace. Give them peace. Let them know the value of their life. Let them know the law works for them and you wont have to quiet them down. They will be glad about it. We want justice.”

Last night the FBI said that they will begin an investigation into George Floyd’s death.

US president Donald Trump has signed an executive order targeting social media companies. He said that the order was to defend free speech. He also said that a small number of social media companies have too much power. Trump became angry with twitter after two of his tweets were labelled as ‘potentially misleading’. Twitter has said that all users are treated equally…

“one egregious example is when they try to silence views that they disagree with by selectively applying a fact check fact check F A C T fact check. What they choose to fact check and what they choose to ignore or even promote is nothing more than a political activism group or political activism, and its inappropriate , you look at what’s happened, you look at where they’re going, and where they’re coming from and I think you all see it yourselves that censorship and bias is a threat to freedom itself.”

Suriname’s general election. Early results show the opposition winning 41% of the vote, with the ruling party only on 24%. However, the result has not been confirmed as counting is not finished.

In Argentina, a poor neighbourhood has been put into lockdown. The Buenos Aires slum called Villa Azul is home to around 4000 people. By Wednesday out of 301 coronavirus tests taken, 174 were positive. no deaths have been confirmed in Villa Azul, but officials want to stop the virus from spreding out of the neighbourhood. Argentina has around 14,000 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Africa Attacks in Nigeria have left at least 60 people dead. Gangs attacked villages in the northeast, close to the border with Niger. Last week the Nigerian military bombed camps of fighters.

Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Cote d’Ivoire, has had his restriction of movement relaxed. Last year Gbagbo faced charge of crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court of the Netherlands, but he was cleared of all charges. Gbagbo had been forced to stay in Belgium while waiting for the appeals process, but will now be free to travel.

In Libya, the United Nations backed government has taken more towns from the forces of warlord Khalifa Haftar. Military drones have been used by both sides. On Tuesday the United States Military confirmed that Russian aeroplanes had flown from Syria to Libya.

Europe quickly…

In Spain car maker Nissan has said that it will close its factory in Barcelona, with the loss of 2,800 jobs. The government have said that they will try to convince Nissan to change its decision. Football. In the United Kingdom and in Italy the top leagues will start again in June. And France is opening restaurants and bars June 2nd.

Finally, over a hundred thousand Euros for one bottle of liquor! A 258 year old bottle of cognac has sold at auction in the UK. The bottle from 1762 was sold for 131,000 euros.

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