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Friday 30th July 2021

WARNING: Today’s episode contains offensive language. To avoid this, skip the United States story.


In Tunisia President Kais Saied has continued to remove people from positions of power. On Sunday Saied removed the Prime Minister and suspended parliament. Since then, he has fired the defence and justice ministers, fired the head of state television channel Wataniya, and removed many other top officials. The speaker of parliament Rached Ghannouchi has called the president’s actions “an assault on democracy”, however, one survey has said that 87 % of Tunisians agree with the actions of President Saied.

In Niger 18 people have been killed near the border with Mali. Islamist jihadist groups often attack villages in the border regions.

In Morocco, archaeologists say that they have found an axe producing site, that is 1.3 million years old. The site would have been used by Homo-Erectus, an ancient species of human.


In the United States a special committee of congress has been meeting this week to investigate the riots on January 6th. After Former President Donald Trump repeatedly told his supporters that the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulent, on January 6th hundreds of his supporters broke into the congress building and assaulted police officers. 5 people died in the riots, including a police officer. This week police officers have given evidence to the committee investigating the attack. Policeman Harry Dunn spoke about being racially abused. As a warning - there is offensive language in this clip. If you would prefer not to hear it, you can skip ahead by one minute...

“I told them to just leave the Capitol, and in response they yelled No man, this is our house. President Trump invited us here. We’re here to stop the steal. Joe Biden is not the president. Nobody voted for Joe Biden. I’m a law-enforcement officer. And I do my best to keep politics out of my job. But in this circumstance I responded. Well I voted for Joe Biden. Does my vote not count? Am I nobody? That prompted a torrent of racial epithets. One woman in a pink MAGA shirt yelled You hear that guys? This Nigger voted for Joe Biden. Then the crowd, perhaps around twenty people, joined in screaming Booo! fucking nigger! Noone had ever ever called me a nigger while wearing the uniform of a capitol police officer.”

Many Republicans are boycotting the investigation, saying that it is partisan because it is controlled by the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

In Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry has promised to hold elections as soon as possible. Haiti has been in a political crisis since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise earlier this month. Henry had been chosen by Moise to become Prime Minister days before Moise was killed.


In Malta, a report has found that the state was responsible for the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Galizia was a crime journalist and anti-corruption activist, who was killed by a car bomb in 2017. The independent report, released yesterday, said that the Maltese state failed to recognize the immediate threat to Galizia’s life.

In Croatia, a bridge has been completed that joins the southern exclave with the rest of the country. Since Croatia became a country in 1991, to travel by land from city of Dubrovnik to the rest of the Croatia it has been necessary to pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina, and people have been required to show their passports. However, the Peljesac bridge, will allow Croatians to drive directly from the southern exclave to the rest of Croatia. The bridge is expected to open next year.


Pakistan will require public sector employees to be vaccinated against COVID19. This story from Khadija Tahir...

The Pakistani government has announced a plan to ban air travel for anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated against COVID-19. All public sector workers, teachers, students above 18, and retail workers will also be required to get vaccinated before 31st August to be allowed to enter government offices, schools, restaurants, or shopping malls. Almost 27.8 million Pakistanis have now received at least one vaccine dose, and 5.9 million have been fully vaccinated out of a population of 220 million.

In China billionaire Sun Dawu has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. Sun, chairman of the Dawu agriculture Group, was charged with organising an attack on officials and ‘provoking trouble’.

In Japan the Olympic games have finished their first week. China and Japan are at the top of the medals table - with 15 gold medals each. However, the United States has won the most medals in total, with 38.

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