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Friday 4th June 2021

Updated: Jun 4, 2021


In Israel opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a agreed to form a unity government. The right-wing Yemina party of Naftali Bennet has agreed to join 7 other parties to form a coalition. Netanyahu has called the new coalition “left wing” and “dangerous”. Before taking office the coalition must pass a vote in the Knesset. This could also be the first time in decades that an Arab Israeli party is part of the government. Arab-Israelis make up around 20% of Israel’s population.

In Iran investigations are continuing after the biggest ship in Iran’s Navy sank. On Wednesday the Kharg ship caught fire and sank despite more than 20 hours of operations trying to save it. All crew were successfully evacuated.

Sri Lanka has also suffered a sinking ship. The X-Press Pearl from Singapore has been on fire for nearly two weeks and is now partially sunk. For the last few days the Sri Lankan Navy has been collecting millions of tiny plastic pellets that have floated towards Sri Lanka’s Capital Colombo. Sri Lanka is preparing for a potential oil spill.

India has been asked by the United Nations to respond to claims of human rights violations in the Kashmir region. Khadija Tahir reports...

The United Nations has asked the Indian government to respond to allegations of human rights violations in Indian-administered Kashmir. There are allegations of human rights abuses against three activists from the Kashmir region. One of the activists, Waheed-Ur-Rehman Para was arrested in November last year and allegedly interrogated for over ten hours a day and was kept in an underground cell in freezing temperatures. The Kashmir region has been a disputed territory between India and Pakistan since their independence from Britain in 1947.

Japan is expected to have a snap-election before the end of the year, according to Japanese media. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is expected to call an election after the Olympic Games, which most Japanese people want to be cancelled or delayed.


In Hungary, the capital city Budapest has renamed some streets to protest against a proposed Chinese university campus. Opinion polls have shown that most residents of Budapest are against the plan and Liberal mayor Krisztina Baranyi says that the Chinese private University goes against Hungarian taxpayers interests. The area around the proposed campus now includes “Free Hong Kong Road”, “Dalai Lama Road” and “Uyghur Martyr’s Road”, a reference to the internment camps in China’s Xinjiang Province that the United States describes as genocide.

In Bulgaria, the owner of a sunflower oil factory is suing the United States military after soldiers entered his property last month. During an international training exercise held in Romania, Estonia and Bulgaria, US soldiers simulated taking the factory under their control. They believed that they were in a different building. The US embassy in Bulgaria has apologised.

Portugal has been removed from the United Kingdom’s green list of countries that Britons can travel to without quarantine. Portugal’s foreign ministry described the decision as “unfathomable”. The UK’s travel secretary Grant Shapps said that the UK was taking a ‘safety first’ approach...

“In the end we’ve seen two things really which have caused concern. One is the positivity rate has nearly doubled since the last review in Portugal. and the other is that there’s a sort of Nepal-mutation of the so-called Indian Variant which has been detected and we just don’t know the potential for that to be a vaccine-defeating mutation and simply don’t want to take the risk.”


The Ethiopian government has said that there will not be a ceasefire in the Tigray region, after the United Nations and many countries have called for a pause in fighting to allow humanitarian aid to reach millions of people. The government said that soldiers are finalising operations in Tigray. The UN said this week that 90% of people in Tigray need food aid.

In Mali France has said that it has suspended joint military operations with the Malian military. France has said that it needs guarantees from the Malian military that civilians will return to power. Last week Mali had it’s second coup d’etat in less than a year.


Peru is voting in the second round of its Presidential election on Sunday. Most opinion polls show left-wing Pedro Castillo with a very small lead over right-wing Keiko Fujimori. Castillo is a former trade-unionist who wants to nationalize Peru’s resources. Fujimori is the daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori who is in prison for corruption.

Also in the United States a 9 year old and 4 year old stole their parents car so they could go to the beach. Police in rural Utah said that they found the two girls almost ten miles from their home after they crashed into another car. The girls were wearing seat belts and nobody was hurt.

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