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Friday 6th August 2021


There are still large wild fires in Mediterranean countries, with some having continued for over 2 weeks. In Greece fires near the capital Athens have been described as ‘apocalyptic’. Italy is still fighting fires in the south of the country despite flooding in the north of the country. In Turkey 8 people have been killed by recent wildfires. Globally, July was the third hottest July ever recorded, with temperatures across the Mediterranean reaching 45’C.

In Poland, Belarussian athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya has said that her grandmother told her not to return to Belarus. Tsimanouskaya refused to fly back to Belarus from Japan, were she was participating in the Olympics. She arrived in Poland on Wednesday after being given a humanitarian visa. Tsimanouskaya said yesterday that her family said that she would be put in prison or in a psychiatric hospital if she returned. She said that she would love to return to a free Belarus.

In Spain, Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona, after spending 21 years with the club. Often considered the best footballer in the world, Messi moved to Barcelona from Argentina when he was just 13, to train with the football club.


In Pakistan a Hindu temple has been attacked by a Muslim mob. Hindus are just 2% of Pakistan’s population. This report from Khadija Tahir...

Yesterday, the Pakistani government sent paramilitary troops to a town in eastern Punjab province after a Muslim mob attacked and damaged a Hindu temple in the area. The attack occurred after the local courts granted bail for an 8-year-old Hindu boy who had allegedly damaged a Muslim religious school. In response to the court's decision, a mob attacked the local Hindu temple and destroyed statues. According to the local authorities, the military is now protecting the temple and the local Hindu community in the area. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has condemned the incident

Iran has sworn in a new president. Yesterday, President Ebrahim Raisi said in his opening speech, that Iran must improve relations with regional neighbours, and said that he supports any diplomatic plan to stop the sanctions placed on Iran by The United States. Raisi also promised that Iran does not want nuclear weapons.

In China the city of Wuhan is testing all 12 million people, in order to control an outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID19. Wuhan was the city were COVID19 was first detected in December 2019. Most scientists agree that the virus passed from animals to humans, as has been the case with most pandemics in human history.

Australia will pay compensation to some aboriginal Australians, known as the stolen generation. Children were often taken from aboriginal Australians and given to white families, up until the 1960s. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced yesterday that compensation will be given to survivors...

“What happened is a shameful chapter in our national story. We have already confronted it with a national apology. But our deeds must continue to match our words.”


Mexico is suing gun makers in the United States. The government of Mexico has said that these gun manufacturers knew that their companies were profiting from the illegal trade of guns into Mexico, but did nothing to stop it. In Mexico the sale of guns is extremely restricted, however, most guns in Mexico come from the United States, where buying guns is easy.

The Colombian government has said that it has stopped an attack on the capital city, Bogota. Defence Minister Diego Molano said yesterday that 67 Kilograms of explosives had been confiscated from FARC rebels. The government signed a peace deal with the FARC in 2016 and most rebels gave their weapons to the United Nations, however small number of rebels have continued to use violence.


In Ethiopia fighters from the Tigray region have captured Lalibela, a UNSECO world heritage site in the Amhara region. The Lalibela site is famous for its ancient churches cut out of rock - some of which are over a thousand years old. There has been a civil war between Ethiopian government forces and the forces of the Tigray region. since November. Tigrayan fighters have returned to control in most of Tigray and have now started taking some land in the Afar and Amhara regions.

Burkina Faso has won its first ever Olympic medal. Hugues Fabrice Zango won the bronze medal in the triple jump. President Roch Kabore described him as the pride of the Burkinabe people.

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