Friday 6th May 2022


In Ukraine the United Nations is trying again to evacuate civilians from the Azov steel factory which is surrounded by the Russian army. Ukrainian soldiers in the steel factory, in Mariupol, say that they have been fighting bloody battles. Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv is continuously being bombed and there is heavy fighting in many parts of Eastern Ukraine. The Gorky amusement park in Kharkiv has released CCTV video showing many parts of the park being destroyed by bombs, despite there being nobody there. The New York Times has released a report which says that United States military intelligence has helped Ukraine to kill Russian generals. It is believed that between ten and twelve generals have been killed since the 24th February. This is probably the biggest loss of generals by an army in a war since world war 2.

The United Kingdom and Japan have announced a new defence deal. The British and Japanese military will join together for some training, exercises and disaster help. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday, Johnson thanked Kishida for his response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine...

“The world has observed the strong stance that your government, Fumio, has taken against the Russian aggression in Ukraine, and I think it’s a very very powerful thing that you have done.”

In Switzerland 500 kilograms of cocaine were found in a Nespresso factory. Workers at the Nestle coffee factory called the police after they found a white powder in sacks of coffee beans.


In India 4.7 million people died of COVID19 in 2020 and 2021, according to the World Health Organization. 4.7 million is ten times higher than the number of deaths reported by the Indian government, however the WHO has calculated this based on the number of excess deaths - meaning extra deaths than the expected amount. In the world the World Health Organization has said that it expects that 15 million people died of COVID19 until the end of 2021, three times more than official data shows.

In Yemen a ceasefire is generally working. There has been a civil war in Yemen since 2014 between Houthis which control most of the West and the Saudi Arabia backeg government which controls the East. The United Nations helped to organize a truce one month ago and reports say that fighting has mostly stopped.


In Brazil, the director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency has told president Jair Bolsonaro to stop doubting Brazil’s voting system according to Reuters news agency. Most opinion polls show that Bolsonaro will lose the presidential election in October to former President Lula da Silva. Some analysts say that Bolsonaro is preparing to refuse defeat in the election in a similar way to how Donald Trump refused defeat in the last US election.

The Argentina football shirt of Diego Maradona has sold for almost $9 million dollars - a record for sports memorabilia. Maradona wore the shirt in the 1986 world cup quarter-final against England, which was famous for his “hand of god” goal, which he scored with his hand.


In Nigeria United Nations head Antonio Guterres said that Africa should have a country that is a permanent member of the UN security council. The only permanent members are The US, UK, France, China and Russia. Guterres said that by not having a permanent representative, Africa was a ‘double victim of colonialism’. Guterres also criticised the UK for its plan of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Somalia will choose a new president next week. Somalia does not have direct elections, but 329 members of parliament will choose the president. The term of president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo expired 15 months ago.

In Kenya a village was put on alert and wildlife rangers were called after people said that they had seen a tiger close to the village. However the rangers found that it was just a shopping bag with the face of a tiger.

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