Friday 8th April 2022


Russia has been suspended from the United Nations Human Rights Council. 93 countries voted to suspend Russia and 24 voted against it, including China. There is extensive evidence of human rights abuses by Russia since it invaded Ukraine 6 weeks ago, including the executions of civilians and sexual assaults in areas north of Kyiv which have recently been recaptured by the Ukrainian army.

In Eastern Ukraine, people are being told to leave their homes, as Russia is expected to increase its attacks in the Donbass region. Yesterday Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba was in Belgium where he held meetings with NATO leaders. Kuleba said that battles in Donbass will look like World War Two and said that allies of Ukraine need to send more weapons now; because soon it will be too late...

“The battle for Donbass will remind you of the Second World War, with large operations, manoeuvres, involvements of thousands of tanks, armoured vehicles, planes, artillery. This will not be a local operation, based on what we see in Russia’s preparations to <for> it.... Bucha is, Bucha massacre is just the tip of the iceberg. We already see from reports from Mariupol, that Mariupol is much much worse, on all accounts. Either you help us now, and I’m speaking about days, not weeks, or your help will come too late...”

France is holding the first round of its presidential election on Sunday. Most opinion polls show that President Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen will pass to the second round - the same as in the 2017 election.


Turkey is passing the criminal case of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia. Khasoggi was murdered in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul by a team of Saudi assassins. United States intelligence said that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally ordered the killing. Human rights groups have criticised Turkey’s decision to pass the criminal case to Saudi Arabia, saying that justice will not be done.

Pakistan’s supreme court has said that a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan must go ahead. Khadija Tahir reports...

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ruled that the decision taken by Imran Khan's government to block the no-confidence vote against him was unconstitutional. The Supreme court has also declared that Khan's government dissolving the parliament was invalid and illegal. The parliament of Pakistan will now meet on Saturday to hold the no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan. If he is removed, the opposition parties will elect a new Prime Minister to have power until the next elections are held in 2023.

In Israel two people were killed in a shooting in Tel Aviv yesterday. There has been a wave of attacks by Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in the last few weeks.

In Australia extreme rain has forced thousands of people to leave their homes. Around Sydney more than a month’s worth of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours.


In Nigeria attackers have released a video showing people they have kidnapped. Last week a train was attacked in Kaduna state, and over 160 people are still missing. It is not clear if the attackers are bandits or if they are from an Islamist jihadist group.

In Morocco Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez met King Mohamed in Rabat yesterday. The Spanish government said that it wanted to guarantee the security of the borders of Ceuta and Melilla, the Spanish enclaves within Morocco, where there has been a lot of illegal immigration recently.



In Colombia heavy rain and flooding have killed at least ten people. Officials from the mountainous province of Antioquia said that at least 17 people are missing.

In the United States Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed as a supreme court judge. Jackson will be the first black woman to become a supreme court justice.

And around the world, wind and solar power generated 10% of electricity last year, according to a new report. The proportion of electricity generated by wind and solar has doubled in just 6 years. The fastest growth in wind and solar energy was in the Netherlands, Australia and Vietnam.

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