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Monday 12th July 2021


In Ethiopia the party of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has won a large majority of seats in Ethiopia’s parliament. The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia said that Abiy’s Prosperity Party won 410 seats, with only 26 seats going to opposition parties. Over a hundred seats were not contested because of the continuing war in the Tigray region.

In Uganda cabinet minister Chris Baryomunsi has blamed western countries for being too relaxed about distributing COVID19 vaccines around the world. Sixteen African countries are currently reporting fast rises in cases of COVID. In the world, over 25% of people have now received at least one dose of a COVID19 vaccine, however in Africa, it is less than 3%.

Nigeria’s basketball team has become the first African team to beat the United States. Six players from Nigeria’s team play in the top American league the NBA.


In Beligium a woman has died after being infected with two different strains of COVID19 at the same time. This is one of the first times that co-infection has been reported. The woman was not vaccinated against COVID. This weekend European Union President Ursula Von der Leyen said that the EU had reached its goal of providing 70% of adults with COVID19 vaccinations...

“The European Union has kept its word. This weekend we have delivered enough vaccines to member states to be in a position to vaccinate fully at least 70% of the EU adults still this month. And by tomorrow some 500 million doses of vaccines will have been distributed. Our joint approach is a success because we will only come out of this crisis together.”

British billionaire Richard Branson flew into space for one hour yesterday. 20 years after Branson started his own space tourism company, Virgin Galactic, he flew 88 KM above the earth’s surface. There is no strict definition of when space starts, however, 80KM is commonly seen as outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Next week American billionaire Jeff Bezos will be flying even further into space using a rocket from his space company. Bezos is the richest person in the world - and is estimated to be worth $215 billion dollars, more than the gross domestic product of Portugal.


In Bangladesh the owner of a factory has been charged with murder after a fire killed at least 50 people. The fire at the juice factory near Dhaka started on Thursday evening and continued for more than a day. The owner and his sons are accused of breaking safety health and safety rules. There have also been unconfirmed reports of children working in the factory.

In Afghanistan the Taliban has taken control of more parts of the country, including parts of the borders with Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Pakistan. The Taliban is making gains as foreign soldiers leave Afghanistan. There have been reports of Afghan soldiers escaping the Taliban by crossing into Iran and Tajikistan.


Haiti is being urged to hold parliamentary elections despite serious insecurity since the murder of President Jovenel Moise last week. The Haitian government has asked the United States to send its military to Haiti to help protect infrastructure, however the US has rejected the invitation. The Haitian police say that 28 people were involved in the murder of Moise, including many Colombians. However, in an interview with CNN, the sister of a Colombian who was killed by the Haitian police has said that her brother was innocent, and that he was working in Haiti to protect important people.

In Brazil, right-wing newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo has demanded the removal of President Jair Bolsonaro, after anger about his response to the coronavirus pandemic and corruption allegations. Brazil is responsible for 14% of the world’s coronavirus deaths despite having less than 3% of the world’s population. Recently Bolsonaro’s government has been accused of corruption related to the ordering of vaccines.

Also in Brazil, Argentina has won the Copa America. Argentina’s football team beat Brazil’s in Rio de Janeiro, winning their first major competition since 1993. Tens of thousands of people celebrated in the streets of Buenos Aires on Saturday night...

And in the United Kingdom, Italy have won the European Championship. Italy beat England on penalties.

That’s all for today. Go to to read the transcript for every episode or to send us a message. I’m Stephen Devincenzi. Tomorrow you will be with Namitha Ragunath. Have a great day.

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