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Monday 14th September 2020

Starting in Asia today... In Nepal landslides have killed at least 12 people and many more are missing. Heavy rains caused landslides in the Bahrabise area, close to the border with China’s Tibet region.

Pakistani police say they have arrested one man suspected of being part of the gang rape of a woman central Punjab. Thousands of people protested in several cities on Saturday in response to the rape, and the lack of police action.

India is continuing to report the highest number of new daily coronavirus infections in the world. India is currently reporting over 90,000 new infections every da,. with 4.8 million infections now confirmed. On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked Indians to maintain caution until effective medicine is developed.

Americas United States President Donald Trump has said that the Democratic party is trying to rig the presidential election. At a campaign rally in Nevada on Saturday Trump said that the Democrats were trying to rig the 2020 election with mail-in ballots.

“Whether its in North Carolina, whether its in Michigan, whether its in other states, where they’re sending out, they’re gonna be sending out, they’re gonna be sending out, 80 million ballots. And it’s democrats. They’re gon- They’re trying to rig this election”.

Trump also said that he would negotiate a third term as president, because of how he has been treated. The United States constitution limits the number of times a person can be elected president to twice.

“And 52 days from now we’re going to win Nevada, and we’re going to win 4 more years in the White House. And then after that we’ll negotiate. Because we’re probably... Based on the way we were treated we’re probably entitled to another 4 after that.”

In Colombia protests continued this weekend, against police brutality. At least 13 people are now known to have died in protests during the last week. The protests began after the police killing of Javier Ordoñez. Two police officers were fired for being involved in the death of Ordoñez.


In Cote d’Ivoire, former president Henri Konan Bedie has confirmed that he will run for president in this year’s election. Bedie was removed from power in 1999

by a coup d’etat. The ruling RDR party were planning for Amadou Colibably to be their candidate for president, however, he died on the 8th July. Current president Alassane Ouattara has said that he will run for president again, however, critics say that this is against the law - as a president can only serve twice.

In Mali, the opposition movement has rejected the military’s suggestion of an 18-month transition government. The opposition group accused the military of trying to monopolize power, since the removal of president Boubacar Keita last month.


In Belarus protests continued this weekend against the rule of President Alexander Lukashenko. 100,000 people were estimated to have marched in the capital Minsk, with many other demonstrations around Belarus. This is the fifth weekend with large-scale protests, since the 9th August election, that most international organizations claim was not free or fair. Lukashenko has been president of Belarus for 26 years and is often known as “Europe’s last dictator”. Today Lukashenko will meet Russian president Vladamir Putin, who has expressed support for Lukashenko.

In France there were protests by the gilets jaunes or ‘yellow vest’ group on Saturday. Hundreds of gilets jaunes protesters marched in Paris, for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown. The gilets jaunes movement started in 2018 and calls for economic reform and an increase of the French minimum wage.

Toots Hibbert, the lead singer of reggae group Toots and the Maytals has died aged 77 after suffering from COVID19. Toots and the Maytals 1968 album “Do the Reggay” is often considered to be the first use of the term “Reggae”. Hibbert spent his whole life in Jamaica.

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