Monday 16th May 2022


Ukraine has won the battle for the second largest city, Kharkiv, according to Ukraine and military analysts. The Russian army was forced out of the area surrounding Kharkiv by Ukrainian forces in the last few days. Kharkiv has been under attack from the Russian army since Russia started its invasion on the 24th February. Military analysts are considering this another great failure of the Russian army after failing to capture Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, and retreating from Kyiv 6 weeks ago.

In The Donbass, in Eastern Ukraine, a Russian battalion was almost completely destroyed last Wednesday, according to military intelligence from many countries. The British Times newspaper said that Russia lost 70 vehicles and around a thousand soldiers were killed when they were attacked when trying to cross a river. Yesterday The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence said that Russia may have lost one-third of its invasion force. At a meeting of G7 countries in Germany, UK foreign secretary Liz Truss said that Ukraine will continue to receive support to help push Russia out...

“It’s very important at this time that we keep up the pressure on Vladimir Putin by supplying more weapons to Ukraine, <and> by increasing the sanctions. G7 unity has been vital during this crisis to protect freedom and democracy and we’ll continue to work together to do just that.”

Ukraine has started its first trial for war crimes since the Russian invasion started. A captured Russian soldier is being charged with the murder of a 62 year old civilian. The soldier says that his commander told him to kill the man.

Sweden has joined Finland in saying that it would apply to join NATO. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said that he called Russian President Vladimir Putin to tell him that Finland plans to join NATO, and Putin said that this would hurt relations between Russia and Finland. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin spoke at a press conference yesterday...

“We have reached today an important decision in good cooperation between the government and the president of the republic. We hope that the parliament will confirm the decision to apply for NATO membership during the coming days.”

In Italy the Eurovision song contest was held on Saturday night. Ukraine won the competition, winning by far the most votes from voters across Europe.

In Czechia the world’s longest suspension footbridge has opened. It took two year to build the bridge, which is suspended by ropes, and is 721 metres long.


In Nigeria a curfew was announced yesterday in the state of Sokoto. Governor of Sokoto Aminu Tambuwal said that everyone should stay inside for 24 hours, after large protests. People are protesting the death of Deborah Samuel, a Christian student who was killed by a mob after being accused of blasphemy against the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

In Somalia former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamad has won the presidency again. Mohamad was chosen by parliament yesterday and will be sworn in today.

In Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia 20 million people are at risk of hunger according to the World Food Programme. There is a Severe drought in East Africa because of a lack of rain.


In India a fire has killed at least 27 people in Delhi. There are still some people missing after the fire in an office building .

In China social media moderators are struggling to remove anti-lockdown anger. The Chinese government heavily controls Chinese media and foreign news sources and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are blocked in China. In Chinese social media, such as Weibo, there are moderators who remove content that the government does not approve of, however, there has been so much anger about severe COVID19 lockdowns that moderators are finding it difficult to remove everything. Last week World Health Organization head Dr Tedros Adhanom said that China’s of zero-covid was not sustainable.


In the United States a shooting has killed ten people in the city of Buffalo. An 18 year old man has been arrested and the police have said that it was probably a racist attack. New York Governor Kathy Hochul called the man a ‘white supremacist’...

“To see the sense of security shattered by an individual - a white supremacist - who has engaged in an act of terrorism and will be prosecuted as such. It strikes us in our very hearts to know that there is such evil that lurks out there.”

In Mexico an Aztec house, around 800 years old, has been found in the middle of Mexico City. Electricity workers discovered the site by accident while digging.

In the United States a passenger with no experience landed a small plane after the pilot lost consciousness. Darren Harrison was guided to land at an airport in Florida with specific instructions from air traffic controllers. Harrison said that he didn’t have time to panic.

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