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Monday 18th May 2020.

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Brazil has confirmed more COVID19 deaths than the rest of latin America combined. 235,000 people in Brazil have been confirmed to have the virus. This number is higher than Italy’s, however Italy’s testing rate is 15 times the rate of Brazil’s. President Jair Bolsonaro has been criticised nationally and internationally for not taking the pandemic seriously. Yesterday some supporters of Bolsonaro protested against lockdowns.

In Chile the number of infections continues to rise. There is now a total lockdown in the capital Santiago. Migrants from Haiti have complained of a rise in racism due to the pandemic. Chile has the highest population of migrants from Haiti, after the US.

In The United States President Trump has said that former President Obama was grossly incompetent. On Saturday Obama had spoken about a lack of leadership from the Trump administration…

“So I think we had a great weekend. We did a lot of terrific meetings. Tremendous progress is being made on many fronts including coming up with a cure for this horrible plague that has beset our country. I think a lot of things have happened very good. A working weekend. Itswas a good weekend, a lot of very good things have happened. … He was an incompetent president. That’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent. Thank you. “

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, took a coronavirus test live on television yesterday. To show people how easy it is to take a test, Cuomo had the nasal swab during a press conference….

“Im gonna show you hwo fast and easy it is to take a test… and demonstrate why this should be no reluctance. This is Dr Elizabeth Dufort. Who is in the appropriate PPE wear. Nice to see you doctor. You make that gown look good. Head up. Close my eyes…. why do I need to close my eyes? ….. For comfort? Ok. Maybe I’ll fall asleep?... That’s it? Nothing else? Told you! Thank you very much doctor…”


In Somalia, the governor of the central region of Mudug has been killed in a suicide bombing. Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab have claimed responsilibty for the attack, which killed 4 people, including the governor.

Egypt. A journalist has been arrested while interviewing the mother of an activist. Lina attalah is the latest in a number of arrests of journalists in Egypt. Last week a 24 year old film maker died in prison in Egypt. Shady Habash had been in prison for 2 years after making a film critical of President Al-Sisi.

In Libya 7 people have been killed in a bombing in a migrant centre. The Tripoli government has blamed warlord Khalifa Haftar.

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In Belgium hospital workers held a silent protest against the prime minister. During a visit to the hospital, staff turned their backs on Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes. Belgium has one of the highest COVID death rates in Europe.

Lots of news from Asia…

Israel has sworn in a new government. After 3 inconclusive elections, an agreement was reached between Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz. Both men will serve as Prime Minister for 18 months each, starting with Netanyahu.

In Afghanistan a power sharing agreement has also been reached. President Ashraf Ghani and rival Abdullah Abdullah agreed to work together, ending months of political crisis.

India has extended its lockdown until 31st May. India has had restrictions for two months, however infections are still rising quickly in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

Today in Hong Kong, 15 pro-democracy activists will go to court. They are charged with promoting unauthorised gatherings. Human rights groups have asked for the 15 men and women to be freed. There will be elections in September in Hong Kong, and pro-democracy candidates are expected to win seats.

The Chinese city of Wuhan is continuing to test all 13 million residents for coronavirus. Officials say that 220,000 tests were carried out yesterday, in Wuhan.

In Australia a man has handed himself to police after breaking into a museum. The man entered the closed museum at 1am on Sunday morning. He didn’t steal anything, but spent forty minutes walking around and taking selfies on his smartphone. The man will go to court today.

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