Monday 20th June 2022


In Bangladesh and north-east India millions of homes are under water as monsoon rain is causing floods. At least 59 people have died, according to different reports. There have been monsoon storms for a week and more storms are predicted for the next week.

In Japan, the Bank of Japan won’t raise interest rates, according to its governor Haruhiko Kuroda. Around the world countries are raising their interest rates to combat inflation. Prices are rising all over the world, and experts say that this is because of a shortage of supplies caused by the COVID19 pandemic and high demand as people return to work. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has also raised the prices of some grains such as wheat which come from Ukraine and the price of energy as many countries have put sanctions on energy from Russia. At least 50 countries have raised their interest rates recently, and the European Central Bank has said that it will raise its interest rate in July for the first time in 11 years. In Japan inflation is at its highest in 7 years, however it is still lower than in many other countries. The Yen is also at its lowest value against the US dollar in 24 years, with one dollar buying 135 yen.

Also in Japan, the airline Zipair has said that it will change its logo, which is a letter ‘Z’. This is to stop association with the Z symbol which shows support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Z symbol has been compared to the Nazi Swastika, and has been banned in some European countries.


In the United States, former President Donald Trump said this weekend that his former vice president Mike Pence lacked the courage to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Trump says that Pence could have stopped the certifying if the results, despite most legal experts saying that this is not true...

“Mike Pence had a chance to be great. He had a chance to be, frankly, historic. Mike - and I say i sadly, cos I like him - but Mike did not have the courage to act.”.

In Brazil the body of British journalist Dom Philips have been found. The police were taken to the body by a fisherman who admitted to killing Philips and Bruno Pereira a Brazilian indigenous expert.

In Colombia there was a presidential election yesterday. At the time of recording this podcast votes are still being counted, and polls are showing an extremely close race between left-wing Gustavo Petro and right-wing Rodolfo Hernandez.


The Democratic Republic of Congo will receive a gold tooth of its first prime minister from Belgium. Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in 1961 by a group of separatists and Belgian mercenaries. Some of his killers took his gold teeth as souvenirs. Earlier this month Belgian King Philippe visited the DRC for the first time and spoke about the deep regrets of Belgium’s colonial past.

Also in the DRC, the border with Rwanda has been closed after a Congolose soldier was shot dead. Rwandan authorities say that the Congolese soldier started shooting at Rwandan police at the border and was killed on Rwandan territory by the police.


In Ukraine, Russia said that its offensive to capture Severodonetsk was continuing successfully, however the Institute for the Study of War has said that Russia is making very slow progress to capture territory despite having many more soldiers and more heavy weapons in the East of Ukraine. Russia is also continuing to heavily bomb the Kharkiv region around Ukraine’s second biggest city. NATO secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said this weekend that the war could last for years. Morocco has asked Russia for a fair trial of Brahim Saadoun, a Moroccan sentenced to death by a Russian-backed separatist court in Donetsk. Russia says that Saadoun is a “mercenary” despite the fact that Saadoun has Ukrainian nationality and served in Ukraine’s national army.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Ukraine this weekend for the second time since the Russia invasion began. He announced a programme for the UK to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every 4 months. Johnson said that Ukraine must have the ability to recapture all the territory that Russia has conquered since the 24th February...

“We’ve got to make it clear that we are supporting the Ukrainians in their ambition, which their country is right behind, every single one, to expel the Russians, expel Putin’s army from everything that he’s obtained since February the 24th”.

The United Nations has said that the number of displaced people in the world has passed 100 million for the first time ever. The number was passed as around 16 million Ukrainians have been displaced since February, one-quarter of Ukraine’s population.

France held a parliamentary election yesterday. At the time of recording this podcast votes are still being counted, however the latest projections suggest that President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition will lose its majority in parliament.

And also in France, bright colours and plants in cities can make people calmer and happier, according to an experiment. Researchers from the University of Lille used virtual reality to test how people reacted to different city landscapes, and found that people appeared more interested and happy when in cities with more nature and colours.

That’s your world news in 7 minutes. If you find this podcast valuable then please help to support us at Supporters can also read the transcripts of every episode. I’m Stephen Devincenzi. Tomorrow you will be with Namitha Ragunath. Have a great day.

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