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Monday 25th May 2020


Starting in the Americas…

The COVID 19 death toll in the United States will pass 100,000 today. The situation is slowly improving in the United States, but some states are still reporting thousands of new cases a day. Over 1.6 million Americans have been infected. The New York Times has published a list of names of victims as their front cover.

Latin America is seeing a fast rise in coronavirus cases. In Chile President Sebastian Pinyera said that the healthcare system is close to its limit. Nearly 70,000 Chileans are confirmed to be infected. Peru and Colombia also reported large rises in cases yesterday. In Guatemala and El Salvador, people are putting white flags in the windows to show that they are hungry.

But Brazil is by far the worst hit country in Latin America. Almost a thousand people were confirmed to have died from COVID19 on Saturday, and a similar number was expected for Sunday. President Jair Bolsonaro greeted his supporters in Brazilia yesterday. Bolsonaro did not wear a mask, he shook peoples hands and he carried a young boy on his shoulders. Brazil has the second-highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, with 360,000, however experts say that the real number could be 15 times higher.

Venezuela has received its first shipment of petrol from Iran. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves, however mismanagement has stopped Venezuela’s ability to produce oil.

Twitter… A study from Carnegie Mellon University has shown that almost half of twitter accounts that are spreading misinformation about coronavirus, could be automated bots. The study looked at 200 million tweets since January, and found that 45 percent displayed behaviour more similar to computers than to humans.


There were large protests in Hong Kong yesterday. The biggest protests since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people demonstrated against China’s declaration of new national security laws in Hong Kong. At least 180 people were arrested …..

“We must stand up and fight, and to let Beijing know that we will never surrender. And today more than a thousand Hongkongers gather on the street again Its proof that we will fight back. National Secutriy law is even more damaging and harmful than the extradition bill last year introduced by the government. And now when time is running out in Hong Kong we would describe it as the beginning of the end. Now we don’t have enough time but we still need to continue the fight….”

Politicians around the world have shown support for Hong Kong. Yesterday, China’s foreign Minister Wang Yi, told people not to interfere with China’s domestic issues. Wang Yi also said that China’s relationship with the United States was turning into a ‘cold war’.

India had its biggest rise in coronavirus cases yesterday. 132,000 cases have been confirmed. Social distancing is extremely difficult in India, where 80% of people work in the informal sector.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, started a corruption trial yesterday. He denies all charges. Last week Netanyahu reached a deal with rival Benny Gantz, to share the position of Prime minister. Netanyahu will continue to be Prime minister for the next 18 months, and then Ganz will take the position.

Africa quickly… Senegal is relaxing its lockdowns, as people fear a food crisis. In Uganda thousands of people have left their homes as heavy rains cause flooding. And Tanzanian opposition politicians have claimed that the government is not being transparent about coronavirus statistics.

In Libya forces of the United Nations backed government continue to take land from warlord Khalifa Haftar’s forces.It is thought that some of Haftar’s foreign fighters might be trying leave the country.

Australia’s West Coast was hit by a huge storm yesterday. Perth, the biggest city in Western Australia, experienced winds of 130 km/h. Hundreds of homes lost power yesterday, but today should be calm.

And The highest paid broadcaster in the world, may be a podcaster. Joe Rogan, has made a deal with spotify, worth an estimated $100 million. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast will be available on spotify from September 2020, and will be exclusive to spotify from 2021.

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