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Monday 27th July 2020

In the last 4 days one million new cases of COVID19 have been reported.


In the United States there were more protests in many cities over the weekend. Many protests were against the use of federal agents being used against protesters. In Portland and Seattle there were many arrests, and in Texas a man was shot dead at a protest on Saturday. President Donald Trump has said that more federal agents will be used in protests. According to recent opinion polls for this year’s presidential election, Joe Biden is 8% ahead of Donald Trump.

In Latin America 4.3 million COVID19 cases have now been reported. More than half of these are in Brazil. In Costa Rica 72% of total cases were registered this month. Last week there were fast rises in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and French Guiana. Argentina’s police have been accused of using COVID19 as an excuse for abuses of power. Mexico has restarted its football season, despite doubling its confirmed cases in one month.


Spain’s government has insisted that it is safe for tourists to visit Spain. This comes after some countries including Norway and the UK, have made mandatory quarantines for people arriving from Spain. Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzales Laya said yesterday that COVID outbreaks in Catalunya and Aragon would soon be under control…

“Like in any other European country we are seeing outbreaks, the outbreaks in Spain are perfectly controlled”

British foreign minister Dominic Raab said that putting a quarantine on people returning from Spain was the right thing to do…

“The data we got was on the Friday, you obviously compile that through the course of the day- it showed a big jump right across mainland Spain – that was then assessed yesterday afternoon. And we took the decision as swiftly as we could. We can’t make apologies for doing so. We must be able to take swift decisive action. Particularly in relation to localised, or internationally in relation to Spain, a particular country, where we see we must take action. Otherwise we risk reinfection into the UK. Potentially a second wave here, and another lockdown.”

In Portugal there are large forest fires. The fires started on Saturday afternoon, but strong winds and high temperatures have made the fires grow. More than 600 firefighters are trying to control the situation.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has been talking to Russian president Vladamir Putin about the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The two leaders showed support for a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine. The conflict in Eastern Ukraine has killed 13,000 people since 2014.


Africa has seen a rise in Malaria deaths since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The World Health Organization has warned that prevention programmes have been disrupted and people with malaria don’t want to go to hospital. Last week Tanzania’s former president Benjamin Mkapa died from a heart attack. His family have said that he was suffering from malaria, and not COVID19.

Morocco has started lockdowns in some major cities from today. Last night authorities declared the lockdowns in Marrakesh, Fez, Tangiers and Casablanca.

Sudan’s government has sent soldiers to the Darfur region, because of recent attacks. Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said that soldiers will protect citizens and the farming season.

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India reported over 50,000 new cases of COVID19 yesterday – the highest single day so far. India has reported 1.4 million cases of COVID19, despite a relatively low testing rate. The Northern State of Assam is also coping with floods. Over 100 people are expected to have died in the floods, and tens of thousands have been displaced.

North Korea has declared an emergency after finding one suspected case of COVID19. Dictator Kim Jong Un held an emergency meeting yesterday after a case was reported in the town of Kaesong which borders South Korea.

And in France actress Olivia de Havilland has died at the age of 104. She won Oscars in 1947 and 1950…

“Now if I could have the envelope“

“And so for the second time Olivia de Havilland walks up to this platform to get an Oscar…” Havilland was best known for her part in Gone with the Wind in 1939. She is considered one of the last actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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