Monday 27th June 2022


In the United States there have been mass protests after the Supreme Court made a decision that allows states to ban abortion. On Friday the Supreme Court overturned Roe Versus Wade, a decision from 1973 which said that women in the United States have the right to an abortion. The Supreme Court is made up of 9 judges, of which 6 are considered conservative, including 3 chosen by former President Donald Trump. President Joe Biden said it was a sad day for America, and that the United States was now an outlier among developed countries...

“Today the Supreme Court of the United States expressly took away a constitutional right from the American people. That’s never been done to a right so important to so many Americans. Let’s be very clear, the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. They’ve made the United States an outlier among the developed nations of the world...”

Since Friday some states have already banned abortion and more are expected to ban abortion in the following days and weeks. Vice President Kamala Harris said that it was a health care crisis...

“This is the first time in the history of our nation that a constitutional right has been taken from the people of America...”

Republican house leader Kevin McCarthy said that the “voiceless will finally have a voice”....

“The people have won a victory. The right to life has been vindicated. The voiceless will finally have a voice.”

The leaders of Germany, France, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom criticised the decision. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it was a big step backwards...

“I’ve got to tell you I think it’s a big step backwards. I think it’s a big step backwards. I’ve always believed in a woman’s right to choose.”

Opinion polls in the United states show that most people think that abortion should be legal, although most people also think there should be some form of restriction.

In Ecuador, emergency security measures in 6 provinces have been stopped, as talks have begun between the government and Ecuador’s biggest indigenous organization. For the past two weeks indigenous groups and other Ecuadorians, have been protesting against rising prices, especially fuel.


Between Morocco and Spain 23 people have died during a rush to cross into the Spanish enclave of Melilla, according to Moroccan state media. Around 2,000 people tried to climb and cut fences and avoid border guards. 130 succeeded and are being processed in Melilla.

In Burkina Faso the army has told civilians to leave some areas of the north and southeast. The army said that after two weeks it will start a military operation against rebel fighters, responsible for recent attacks on villages.


In Ukraine, the Russian army conducted missile strikes throughout the country this weekend, including in the capital Kyiv and L'viv, the biggest city in Western Ukraine. It was the first time that cruise missiles had been launched from Belarus. In Kyiv a residential building was hit and one person died. Ukrainian officials say that have ordered a complete withdrawal of soldiers from Severodonetsk, in order to save their lives. Russian forces have been trying to capture Severodonetsk for more than 3 months.

In Germany the leaders of the G7 countries have met. The leaders of Germany, France, Italy, the UK, the USA, Canada and Japan met yesterday, as well as representatives of the European Union. US president Joe Biden thanked German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his leadership related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yesterday G7 countries agreed to a ban on the import of gold from Russia.

In the UK, a study released by Imperial College London says that around the world in 2021, almost 20 million lives were saved by COVID 19 vaccinations. More than two-thirds of the world’s population has now received a COVID19 vaccine. They have been shown to be very effective against preventing hospitalization and death, however they have not been very effective against preventing infection.


Sri Lanka has almost run out of fuel. Officials from the United States are now in Sri Lanka to talk about support, and

Sri Lankan officials are expected to travel to Russia today to ask for cheap oil. Sri Lanka is in its worst economic crisis since it gained independence from Britain in 1948.

In Japan a city worker has apologized after losing a USB memory stick which contained personal data of almost half a million people. Officials in the Western city of Amagasaki, said that the employee had used the USB stick to transfer data from one office to another office, however after spending a night drinking in a restaurant he realised that he had lost the USB drive with the names, dates of birth, bank details and tax details of all the residents of Amagasaki.

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