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Monday 28th June 2021


In the United States, rescue operations are continuing where a building collapsed in Miami. The apartment building fell down on Friday. 9 people have been confirmed to have died, however over 150 are still missing. Officials have said that they still hope to find more survivors.

In Peru there have been more protests supporting different sides of the presidential election which took place over three weeks ago. The vote has still not been officially declared because of allegations of fraud. Supporters of left-wing Pedro Castillo, who won 50.1% of the vote protested this weekend supporting that the vote be declared. And supporters of right-wing Keiko Fujimori, who won 49.9% of the vote protested, saying that there was electoral fraud. Most opinion polls before the election showed the population divided 50 / 50.

Colombia is offering a reward of nearly $800,000 dollars for information that will help capture people who shot at the President Ivan Duque. On Friday the helicopter of President Duque was shot at when flying close to the border with Venezuela.


In the United Kingdom Health Secretary Matt Hancock has resigned after newspapers printed pictures of him kissing his advisor. Both Hancock and Gina Coladangelo are married with children. On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he has accepted the apology of Hancock, however on Saturday Hancock said that he had to resign because he had broken social distancing rules during his affair...

“I’ve been to see the Prime Minister to resign as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. I understand the enormous sacrifices that everybody in this country have made, that you have made, and those of us who make these rules have got to stick by them, and that’s why I’ve got to resign.”

In Germany 3 people have been killed in a knife attack in the city of Wurzburg. The police arrested the attacker after shooting him in the leg. The attacker was a refugee from Somalia, who police said had been receiving psychiatric treatment.


Bangladesh will enter a strict coronavirus lockdown on Thursday. For one week no one will be able to leave their homes unless in an emergency. There have been reports of masses of people leaving the capital city Dhaka to return to villages. Many hospitals have reported being overwhelmed with COVID cases, especially on the border with India.

In Pakistan there have been protests against Prime Minister Imran Khan comments on sexual violence in an interview last week. In the interview with AXIOS news agency, Khan suggested that a rise in sexual violence in Pakistan was caused by women not wearing enough clothes...

“If a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the men, unless they are robots. I mean it’s common sense.”

Saudi Arabia has released two women’s rights activists after nearly three years in prison. Nassima al-Sadah and Samar Badawi were jailed in 2018 while campaigning for women to be allowed to drive cars and an end to the guardianship system, which says that a man must give a woman permission to work, travel internationally, or get married. Since 2018 Saudi Arabia has legalized women driving, and relaxed many guardianship laws, although women still need their male guardian’s permission to marry.

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has said that Indonesia is facing an ‘extraordinary situation’ as coronavirus cases rise quickly. Many parts of Indonesia are reporting that hospitals are at maximum capacity.


In Ethiopia the NGO medecins sans frontieres has said that 3 of its workers were killed in the Tigray region. Government soldiers and Tigray rebels have blamed each other for the killings of the humanitarian workers. One of the workers was Spanish and the others were Ethiopian.

And Cameroonian singer Wes Madiko has died aged 57. Wes was most famous for his 1997 song “Alane” which topped the charts in many European countries.

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