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Monday 31st May 2021


In The Democratic Republic of Congo, scientists are warning that continuing eruptions of the volcano Mount Nyiragongo could destroy life in the city of Goma. Goma has a population of 2 million and local reports say that 400,000 people have already started to evacuate the city. The volcano started erupting on May 22nd and Goma has been damaged by lava flowing through the city and also by earthquakes related to the volcano. Over 30 people have died in the last week and many more are missing. The Democratic Republic of Congo reported 61 earthquakes on Saturday.

In Ethiopia supporters of the government have protested against United States sanctions. Over 10,000 people demonstrated in Addis Ababa against new United States restrictions. The US has accused the government of Abiy Ahmed of human rights abuses in the Tigray region.

In Nigeria there have been reports of a school kidnapping. Some reports have said that 150 students have been kidnapped from an Islamic school in Niger State. Kidnapping school students has become common in Nigeria in the last few years.


In the United States Republicans in the Senate have blocked the creation of an investigation into the riots on January 6th in the US congress. On the 6th January supporters of President Donald Trump broke into the congress building after Trump repeatedly told his supporters that the presidential election was fraudulent. 5 people died in the riots including a police officer. Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said that it avoiding an investigation brought shame on the Republican party...

“I was no further than 30 feet from those white supremacist hooligans. Do my Republican colleagues remember that day? Do my Republican colleagues remember the savage mob calling for the execution of Mike Pence? Men with bullet-proof vests and zip-ties breaking in to the senate gallery and rifling through your desks. Police officers crushed between doorways. Shame on the Republican party for trying to sweep the horrors of that day under the rug because they are afraid of Donald Trump! Our democracy has long endured because leaders of good faith - even if they disagreed even at political cost - shared a fidelity to the truth. Not so today.”

Colombia will send soldiers to the city of Cali after 14 people died this weekend in protests. Protests started a month ago against tax reforms, but protests are now demanding the resignation of President Ivan Duque and his government and are complaining about police brutality. The government has said that protesters blocking roads are leading to a shortage of food in many areas.

In Brazil there were large protests against president Jair Bolsonaro this weekend. Thousands of people protested in at least 16 cities against Bolsonaro, and particularly his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, that has killed 460,000 Brazilians according to Johns Hopkins University data.


Cyprus held elections yesterday for its house of representatives. Anti-establishment parties are expected to gain seats, after a recent corruption scandal. The corruption scandal involved Cyprus allowing rich foreigners to pay to become citizens of Cyprus and the European Union.

In the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has married his partner Carrie Symonds. Johnson is the first serving Prime Minister to get married for 200 years.


In Israel, the far-right leader Naftali Bennet has agreed to join a coalition of parties against the rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu. In March Israel held its fourth election in two years, however, no party received a majority. Netanyahu has ruled Israel for 15 years, longer than any other Prime Minister, however this coalition could end his rule.

In Nepal a teacher from Hong Kong has become the fastest woman to climb Mount Everest. Tsang Yin-Hung climbed from base camp to the top of Everest in less than 26 hours according to officials from base camp.

And in space, a Chinese spacecraft has taken more equipment and food to China’s developing Space Station. This was the second mission out of 11 that are needed to complete China’s first space station. China is expected to put astronauts in the space station next year.

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