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Monday 3rd May 2021


In Myanmar, The United Nations Security Council has demanded the restoration of democracy. The UN called for the immediate release of leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi who has been imprisoned since the military coup d’etat on the 1st February. In recent weeks there has been fighting between the military and different ethnic groups in rural areas, and many people throughout Myanmar are refusing to work. Rights groups say that 750 people have been killed by police and soldiers since the military took power, including 8 deaths during protests this weekend. The UN development programme has said that instability could force half of Myanmar’s population into poverty by next year.

India has become the first country in the world to record over 400,000 COVID19 infections in one day. Yesterday India also set a new record for deaths - reporting 3,700 in one day - although many experts say that the true number is higher as many people are dying at home. On Saturday 12 people died at Delhi’s Batra hospital after it ran out of oxygen and the Times of India newspaper has reported deaths in other hospitals due to oxygen shortages. 40 countries have now sent supplies to India, including oxygen cylinders and ventilators.

Also in India the State of West Bengal has re-elected its Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for the third time. Banerjee’s Trinamool party gained a large majority of seats in the parliamentary election, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party coming second. Banerjee is currently India’s only female chief minister and is a hard critic of Prime Minister Modi. West Bengal State has a population of 91 million people - more than Iran, Turkey or Germany.

Iranian state television has said that British Iranian prisoner Nazanin Zaghari Radcliffe would be released from jail when the UK pays £400 million pounds of debt. The UK has denied that that it has agreed to pay Iran. Ratcliffe was imprisoned in 2016 charged with plotting against the Iranian government. She was due to be released this year, however last week she was given another one-year prison sentence for propaganda. The United Kingdom has owed Iran £400 million pounds since 1979 when the last Shah of Iran ordered military equipment that the UK did not provide.

Israel has held funerals for 45 victims of a stampede on Friday. The crowd crush at a Jewish ultra-orthodox festival has been declared Israel’s worst civilian disaster ever.


Between Libya and Italy over 800 migrants have been rescued from just two rubber boats. Maya Dil reports...

A charity ship has rescued 800 migrants from trafficking boats in the Mediterranean. The ship is taking 240 of the migrants to the Italian island of Sicily, and Italian border police have taken over 500 migrants to the island of Lampedusa. The rescue group SOS Mediterranee said on Saturday that its ship, the Ocean Viking, pulled the migrants to safety from two rubber dinghies. Some of the migrants said that they had been beaten by smugglers in Libya and forced to board the dinghies despite bad weather.

Tunisia is asking the International Monetary Fund for a $4 billion dollar loan. Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi has said that a loan is Tunisia’s “last opportunity” to save its economy.

Chad has stopped a curfew in place since the death of President Idriss Deby on the 20th April. President Deby was killed in fighting with rebels in the north of Chad. Deby’s son Mahamut Deby has taken power and said that elections would be held in 18 months.


In the United States, Republican Senator Mitt Romney was booed during a Republican convention in his home state of Utah.

“Now you know me as a person who says what he thinks, and I don’t hide the fact that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues.”

Romney is a critic of former Republican president Donald Trump and one of only seven Republican senators who voted to impeach Trump in February.

Also in the United States 5 people have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Lady Gaga’s dogs, and for shooting the dog-walker. One of the people arrested is a woman who returned the dogs after a reward was offered.

In Colombia right-wing President Ivan Duque has reversed proposed tax reforms. The government was planning to introduce new taxes which Duque said was necessary to maintain Colombia’s credit rating. There were huge protests in Colombia last week leading to hundreds of arrests and six deaths.


In the United Kingdom a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool was postponed yesterday, after Manchester United supporters invaded the pitch. Thousands of football fans protested inside and outside of the Manchester United stadium against the club’s owners and the decision to join a European Super League which has no been cancelled.

In Italy the Colosseum will be given a moveable transparent floor. The new €18 million euro floor will allow people to walk in the place where gladiators once fought.

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