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Monday 4th May 2020.


Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has caused controversy by attending an anti-democratic protest. The demonstration called for the closing of congress and the supreme court. Brazil ‘s health ministry has told people to stay at home because of coronavirus, but yesterday Bolsonaro shook hands and embraced his supporters. 7,000 Brazilians have now died, and over 100,000 people are confirmed to have the virus, however, real numbers are probably much higher, as testing rates in Brazil are very low.

United States secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, says that there is ‘enormous evidence’ that COVID19 started in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan…

Pompeo did not given any evidence. Most scientists say that COVID19 was not man made, and has an animal origin.


The Prime Minister of Cote D’ivoire, Gon Coulibaly has been transported to France for medical checks. The Prime Minister has been in self isolation since March, because of possible exposure to coronavirus.

Testing kits in Tanzania are said to be faulty. President John Magufuli says that some imported tests showed positive results incorrectly. The president said that they tried one test on a goat and it showed a positive result.

Madagascar has started exporting a herbal tea that it claims is a treatment for coronavirus. The tea has been sent to Equatorial Guinea and to Guinea Bissau. President Magufuli of Tanzania has also expressed interest in buying the tea. The World Health Organization say that there is no cure for coronavirus.

How has the pandemic affected your town or city? Send your whatsapp audio message to +44 7307 872 842, with your name and location


On the border between North and South Korea, guns were fired yesterday. Seoul said that they believe that a North Korean soldier fired accidentally. Yesterday Donald Trump tweeted that he was glad that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was well.

Afghanistan may have a much higher number of COVID19 cases than previously thought. Random testing in Kabul showed a third of people tested had the disease. Many Afghanis who were living in Iran, returned to Afghanistan because of COVID19. These workers may have brought the virus into Afghanistan.

Russia recorded its highest daily rise in confirmed cases of COVID19 yesterday. 10,600 new cases were confirmed, bringing a total of 135,000. In Moscow, one in 50 people are expected to have the virus.

In Europe

Some European sountries have reported their lowest number of deaths in over a month. Italy reported 174 deaths yesterday, the lowest toll since lockdown began on 10th March. Spain announced 164 deaths on Sunday, the lowest number for one day in 6 weeks. France reported 166 deaths, the lowest in 5 weeks. France will stop parts of its lockdown on 11th May.

Serbia will end its lockdown next week, as the infection rate has fallen greatly.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted that he came close to death from coronavirus. The Prime Minister said that he needed ‘litres and litres of oxygen’, while in hospital, and that it was 50/50 decision of whether or not to put him on a ventilator. Johnson left hospital a month ago, and had a son last week.

Belgian people have been told to eat more chips. There has been an oversupply of potatoes in the country, as cafes and restaurants are closed. Belgium is famous for the popularity of chips, often served with mayonnaise.

Algerian singer Idir has died at the age of 70. Hamid Cheriet, better known as Idir, was famous for popularising Berber music. Idir spent much of his life in Paris, but continued to play music of the Kabyle people, a berber speaking community of Northern Algeria.

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