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Monday 4th October 2021


In The United States the “The Pandora Papers” were released yesterday by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Journalists from around the world released millions of documents showing the financial secrets of rich and powerful people around the world. The “Pandora Papers” are said to be the biggest collection of documents ever released, and involved the work of over 600 journalists from over a hundred countries. The documents show how rich people, including 330 politicians from 90 countries, use secret companies around the world to hide their wealth. Rich people hide their money in companies registered in other countries, to avoid paying tax. According to the documents, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis used foreign companies to buy a $13 million dollar mansion in France; Jordan’s King Abdullah has a secret property empire worth over $100 million dollars and Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev has traded almost $400 million dollars worth of property in the United Kingdom.

In the United States there were large protests against abortion restrictions this weekend. Tens of thousands of women marched in many cities, including Texas, where a new law was introduced last month that made abortion illegal as soon as cardiac activity can be found in the embryo, which generally happens before a woman knows that she is pregnant. Since introducing the law, women and girls seeking abortions have travelled to other states or have taken abortion-inducing pills delivered by post. At the protests, former Texas senator Wendy Davis spoke about the severe impact of the law on women and girls in Texas...

”We knew the human impact that would occur in the wake of this law, and its worse than we ever imagined it could be.”

In Honduras a fire has destroyed a large residential and business area on the island of Guanaja. Guanaja is 70 kilometres north of the coast of Honduras, and has a population of less than 6,000. Local media says that 90 homes were completely destroyed and more than half the population has been affected.


In Germany coalition talks are continuing between the Social Democratic party, the Green party and the Free Democratic party. One of the main problems facing these 3 parties to form a government, is that the Green party made an election promise to introduce a speed limit on German motorways. Germany is the only country in the world that does not have a speed limit on motorways. The Green party promised its voters that a speed limit would be introduced, not be cause of safety, but because driving more slowly would cut almost 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The FDP, which is a liberal party, is against introducing a speed limit. Angela Merkel is continuing as chancellor until a government is formed.

In Spain the volcano Cumbre Vieja is still erupting on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. The eruption started on the 19th September, and has destroyed hundreds of buildings and forced thousands of people to evacuate. This weekend the eruption became stronger and caused 8 earthquakes.

In Italy a private plane has crashed, killing 8 people. The reason for the crash, close to Milan, is not known.


In Tunisia thousands of supporters of President Kais Saied have demonstrated in the Capital Tunis. In July, Saied seized almost total control of Tunisia, by removing the Prime Minister and suspending parliament. Critics of Saied accuse him of a power grab, however, his supporters say that his decisions were necessary to remove corrupt politicians and restart democracy.

Algeria has banned French military planes from its airspace, worsening the political crisis between France and Algeria. Problems began last week, when France announced it was going to reduce the number of visas given to Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans.


Iran and Oman have been hit by a cyclone. Maya Dil reports...

In Iran and Oman tropical cyclone Shaheen has killed at least 9 people. A landslide killed two Asian workers in Oman and a child drowned after being swept into the sea. Another person is missing. Authorities have told people to evacuate coastal areas and for fisherman to stay off the sea. Flights to Oman’s capital city, Muscat, have been delayed.

China flew 39 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defence zone on Saturday, the biggest ever incursion of Taiwanese air space by China. Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng-Chang said that China was damaging regional peace. China does not recognize Taiwan as a country, and claims it as Chinese territory.

In the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said that he will not run for vice-president in next year’s election. Duterte’s daughter, Sara Duterte, has not announced her candidacy for president yet, but is largely expected to.

and in Turkey, a missing man joined a search party looking for himself. Beyhan Mutlu became lost in a forest, and his wife alerted local authorities. When Mutlu found people searching for a lost person, he decided that he wanted to help... until they heard him shouting his own name.

That’s all for today. Read the transcripts of every episode at They are totally free. I’m Stephen Devincenzi. Tomorrow you will be with Namitha Ragunath. Have a great day.

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