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Monday 5th April 2021


In Taiwan a man has given a public apology for causing Taiwan’s worst train accident in 70 years. At least 50 people were killed after a train was derailed on Friday, in Hualien County. Construction worker Lee Yi-Hsiang apologized, and admitted that his truck had slipped onto the track.

In India 22 soldiers were killed by Maoist fighters yesterday, according to the government. The soldiers were attacked in the central state of Chhatisgarh. Left-wing rebels inspired by Chinese leader Mao Zedong have been fighting the government for forty years.

Jordan’s government has accused Prince Hamzah of an attempted coup d’etat. Prince Hamzah, the half-brother of King Abdullah, is accused of plotting with foreign parties to destabilize Jordan.

In Indonesia floods have killed at least 44 people on the island of Flores. The cyclone is currently moving towards the island of Timor, where damage is expected.


Libya’s new united government has received its first doses of COVID19 vaccinations. This report from Maya Dil...

“Libya has received more than 100,000 doses of Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine. This is the first shipment to reach Libya, where around 1000 new cases of coronavirus are recorded every day. Libya's health sector is struggling due to ten years of conflict since the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, and afterwards, fighting between rival western and eastern governments in Libya since 2014. New prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said that the vaccine is "the first drop of rain" in the fight against COVID in Libya.”

Libya also received a visit from European Council President Charles Michel yesterday. Michel showed support for the new united interim government of Libya.

In Somalia a suicide bomber killed 5 people in a tea shop in Mogadishu on Saturday. No group has claimed responsibility however the Al-Shabaab Islamist group also attacked soldiers in other parts of the Somalia.

Niger has had its first ever peaceful transition of power. Mohamed Bazoum has taken over from President Mahamadou Issofou after ten years in power.


Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez has tested positive for coronavirus. Fernandez received the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in January. Being vaccinated does not stop people from becoming infected by the virus, however the producers of the Sputnik vaccine say that it is 100% effective against stopping deaths.

Peru has recorded its worst day of the coronavirus pandemic so far. 294 deaths were recorded on Saturday, higher than the previous record from August. Peru will hold a general election on Sunday. Polls show a very divided Peru - with no party expected to receive more than 15% of the vote.


Bulgaria held a parliamentary election yesterday, after months of anti-government protests. At the time of recording this podcast the results have not been announced, however Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s GERB party is expected to get the most votes, but not a majority.

In The Vatican, The Pope has said that it is terrible that countries are spending money n weapons during the pandemic. During the Easter Sunday mass, Pope Francs also said that countries should distribute vaccines quickly to poorer countries.

In Europe many countries are restarting restrictions to fight against the third wave of COVID19. France has shut its schools. Italy has locked down for Easter. Germany has extended restrictions for another 2 weeks. However, Greece has announced plans to allow tourism this Summer from people who have been vaccinated or can show a negative test. In the United Kingdom, where over half of adults have now received a first dose of a vaccine, restrictions are slowly being lifed. Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke yesterday about how Easter brings new hope...

“This has been a very tough twelve months, but, as ever, the arrival of Easter brings wth it, new hope. And this year, more than ever, it brings the promise of brighter days ahead for us all”.

And in the Philippines a United States ship that sunk 80 years ago has been discovered by divers. The USS Johnston was sunk by the Japanese navy in 1944. The exploration of the ship is considered the world’s deepest shipwreck dive, because the ship is 6.5 kilometres below sea level.

That’s your World News in 7 minutes. If you enjoy the podcast please leave a review on apple podcasts, or wherever you listen. Transcripts are free at You can follow us or send us a message on social media @send7podcast. I am Stephen Devincenzi. Tomorrow you will be with Namitha Ragunath. Have a great day.

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