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Monday 6th July 2020.

Starting in Asia today… There has been a large rise in coronavirus cases across the middle-east. Iran recorded 163 deaths yesterday, the highest so far. Saudi Arabia has passed 200,000 infections and the UAE has passed 50,000. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have seen fast rises in cases since ending lockdowns a few weeks ago. Bahrain and Qatar have the highest confirmed infection rates in the world – in Qatar one in every 28 people has been infected, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In Japan 34 people are thought to have died in floods. Heavy rain has lead to flooding in Japan and China. In China the floods have affected 15 million people, and over a hundred people are missing. In Myanmar rescue operations are continuing, 5 days after a mine collapsed killing over 170 people.

In the Australian city of Melbourne people living in 9 apartment blocks have been told not to leave their homes for any reason. 23 cases of COVID19 were found in the residential blocks. Melbourne Premier Daniel Andrews said that it will be traumatic for the residents, but it is necessary…

“There will be no reason for any of those residents to leave their home. This is in many respects the most challenging issue we have dealt with throughout this entire global pandemic. I don’t for a moment underestimate how challenging and how traumatic in some respects, that will be.”

Americas In the United States rapper Kanye West has announced that he is running for the presidency. In the past Kanye West has shown support for President Donald Trump, and in 2018 West visited the White House… West has sold over 140 million records and has a personal net worth of 1.3 billion dollars – half that of Donald Trump.

The Dominican Republic. At the time of recording this podcast it appears that the ruling party will lose this election. If that is true it will be the first time that the Dominican Liberation Party has been out of power in 16 years. Luis Corona of the Modern Revolutionary Party appears likely to be the next president.

The rest of Latin America quickly…

Mexico’s confirmed coronavirus death toll passed 30,000 yesterday. Mexican President Lopez Obrador continues to say that Mexico must reopen, despite a fast rise in coronavirus cases. In Colombia reports say that 80% of intensive care beds are being used. The Colombian government has bought new ventilator machines, as cases rise on the Pacific Coast. And Argentina has extended its debt negotiation period again. Argentina received 57$billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund in 2018 – the biggest loan in IMF history.

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In Mali president Boubacar Keita has met with Mahmoud Dicko, the leader of a protest movement asking for the president’s resignation. Tens of thousands of Malians protested last month demanding that Keita resign. People are angry at continued attacks by jihadist groups and inter-ethnic violence.

Algeria has buried the remains of 24 soldiers, 150 years after their deaths. The 24 Algerians were killed by the French army at the beginning of French occupation of Algeria, and their bodies were taken to France. The bones of the fighters were returned to Algeria last week and a ceremony was held on Saturday.


In Croatia there were elections yesterday. At the time of recording this podcast 60% of votes had been declared and the ruling conservative party HDZ had won the most votes.

And in the United Kingdom, scientists are trying to find a treatment for the coronavirus, using llamas. Scientists are seeing if llamas, the South American animals, could produce antibodies needed to prevent infection.

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