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Saturday 16th May 2020.

Starting in Africa

Three kidnapped Zimbabwean politicians have been found. The three women of the movement for Democratic Change say that they were abducted and sexually assaulted. They were missing for 24 hours. They are now in hospital in Harare.

In the East of Africa, borders between countries have caused chaos in the last few weeks. Lorry drivers entering Uganda from Kenya reported waiting days to pass the frontier. Most countries require people to test for coronavirus at the border. The border between Zambia and Tanzania has reopened, after bing closed for 5 days – but only for cargo.

Mozambique authorities say that they have killed 50 islamist terrorists this week. The northern state of Cabo Delgado has seen violence since 2018. The Islamic State often claims responsibility for attacks in the area.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterrez has spoken about why information technology is so important in the fight against coronavirus, saying it can be a ‘beacon of hope’…

“Information technology can be a beacon of hope allowing billions of people around the world to connect. During the COVDI19 pandemic these connections with loved ones, with schools and colleges, with workplaces, with healthcare professionals and essential supplies, are more important than ever. The international telecommunications union, continues to work with the information and communication technology community and Un agencies to help manage and end this crises and recover better. New technologies form 5g and big date to cloud data and artificial intelligence are powerful tools to tackle the worlds most pressing challenges including the pandemic.”

Quick updates from Asia. In the Philippines, typhoon Vongfong continues to damage the country. One person is known to have died and thousands remain in temporary housing.

In Hong Kong the police have been cleared of brutality chages. Authorities have said that the police response to protests was reasonable.

The United States senate has agreed to sanctions for Chinese officials responsible for abusing the rights of the Uiger minority. China has been accused of human rights abuses against the Uiger muslim minority since 2017

And China has now passed 3 weeks without reporting a death from COVID19. The city of Wuhan says that it will test all 11 million residents.

Latin America is becoming the coronavirus hotspot of the world.

Mexico confirmed its highest number of new cases yesterday, with 2,400, and 257 deaths. However, president Duque has said that half of all hospital beds are still available.

Brazil has lost its second health minister in one month. Nelson Teich resigned yesterday, after criticising President Jair Bolsonaro’s decisions. Less than one month ago Luiz Mandetta was fired by Bolsonaro, for similar reasons. Bolsonaro continues to oppose lockdown measures, despite Brazil being one of the worst hit countries in the world. 213,000 Brazilians have been confirmed to have COVID19, however the real number is probably much higher, as testing rates are low.

Peru’s testing rate is 5 times higher than Brazil’s. Peru has had restrictions of movement since March 15th – earlier than most countries in South America. One SEND7 listener sent us this message from the South of Peru... … Thank you Mariela. Tell us the situation in your area by sending a whatsapp audio message to +44 7307 872 842

Slovenia has declared its coronavirus pandemic to be over. Prime Minister Janez Jansa said that Slovenia has ‘the best epidemic situation in Europe”.

Denmark yesterday reported its first day with no COVID death since March. Denmark started to reopen some businesses and schools last week.

The German football league, the Bundesliga, will restart today. The league has been stopped for two months, but, is the first major league in Europe to continue. The games will be played with empty stadiums, and players will not shake hands.

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