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Saturday 30th May 2020.

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6 million cases of COVID19 have now been confirmed worldwide, confirmed deaths are 365,000 , and 2.6 million people are confirmed to have recovered.

Hong Kong. The European Union has said that China’s new law will damage relations between China and the rest of the world. United States President Donald Trump has said that Hong Kong will no longer receive preferential treatment…

“ China has replaced this promised formula of one country two systems, with one country one system…. More than two decades ago on a rainy night in 1997, British soldiers lowered the union flag, and Chinese soldiers raised the Chinese flag in hong kong the people of hong kong felt simultaneously proud of their Chinese heritage and their unique hong kong identity. The people of Hong Kong hoped that in the years and decades to come, China would increasingly come to resemble its most radiant and dynamic city. The rest of the world was electrified by a sense of optimism that hong kong was a glimpse into chinas future, not that hong kong would grow into a reflection of china’s past.”

The United Kingdom Is considering giving more rights to the people of Hong Kong to live and work in the UK. China has told the international community to not interfere with its internal affairs.

The US city of Minneapolis saw protests throughout Wednesday and Thursday, over the killing of George Floyd. Floyd was killed by policemen on Monday. One police station was set on fire on Wendesay night, and there were large demonstrations in many US cities. The policemen who was filmed pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck, has been arrested and charged with murder. Donald Trump condemned the protesters and the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey. Frey responded to Trump’s attacks yesterday…

“Donald Trump knows nothing about the strength of Minneapolis. We are strong as hell. is this a difficult period? Yes. But you better be damn sure we’re gonna get through this.

Yesterday Twitter put a warning message on a tweet of Donald Trump which said that it ‘glorifies violence’. Talking about the Minneapolis protests, Trump said ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’, which could be seen as a threat to shoot people. On Wednesday the CEO of twitter, Jack Dorsey, said that his company will continue to highlight when information is disputed.

The Venezuelan government has said that it is considering charging more for petrol. For many years the price of petrol in Venezuela has been almost nothing, as the government controlled the oil supply and price. However, after years of mismanagement, Venezuela lost its ability to produce oil, and has recently bought petrol from Iran.


India and Pakistan are suffering a plague of locusts. Millions of the insects are destroying crops in both countries. It is the worst locust attack in 25 years.

In South and east Asia, COVID19 cases continue to rise. The Phillippines, Indonesia and Singapore all reported over a thousand new cases in the last two days.


South African teacher’s Unions have told staff not to return to work. Schools should reopen o n Monday, but the unions say that schools are not safe, and that there is no access to personal protective equipment. South Africa is the worst hit country in Africa, with nearly 30,000 confirmed COVID cases.

Amnesty International has accused Ethiopia’s security forces of human rights violations. A report released yesterday said that since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018 there have been extrajudicial killings and torture. This is a great contrast to international praise for Abiy Ahmed. Last year, Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize after restoring good relations with Eritrea.

Car maker Renault is cutting 15,000 jobs around the world. On Wednesday Nissan announced the closure of its factory in Barcelona. However, Volkswagen says that it will invest €2billion in electric car production in China.

And Spain will guarantee a national minimum income. Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias said yesterday that the new minimum income would guarantee €462 euros a month to anyone over 21. This is expected to benefit 2 and a half million people in Spain.

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