Thursday 6th August 2020

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Starting in Asia

The explosion in Lebanon has killed at least 130 people, and injured 5,000 others. Up to 300,000 people have been left homeless, with the damage costing around $3-5bn. Yesterday there was an emergency meeting, where Lebanese President Michel Aoun said a two-week state of emergency should take place. Port officials have been put under house arrest until an investigation finds out who is responsible for the blast. Prime Minister Hassan Diab, promised that those responsible will be punished.

Yesterday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took part in a ceremony to begin the building of a Hindu temple in the northern city of Ayodhya. This is where a mosque was destroyed 30 years ago. The Babri mosque was destroyed by a group of Hindus, which led to violence between the Hindus and the Muslims. 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, died. Many have said that the building of this temple will cause protests. Indian politician, Asaduddin Owaisi said this:

“May i also remind the whole nation that what this is going to come up on a masjid. F or 500 years a masjid stood over there. You are opening wounds you are not joining the country.”

In Sri Lanka, voting to elect a new parliament began yesterday. Citizens wore masks and followed strict social distancing rules at polling stations across the country. Votes are to be counted today, and the results should be known later in the day.


French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday that he is traveling to Lebanon with rescue workers. Macron said he will meet with Lebanese leaders, as Lebanon and France have a close political connections. The Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland and the Netherlands are also taking part to help Lebanon.

Continuing with France, about 3,000 people have been evacuated due to forest fires in southern France. Yesterday, fire services said that eight campsites, where the fire started on Tuesday, have been evacuated. Some of the tourists at the sites were taken by boat and are being looked after by local authorities. A care home for the elderly was also evacuated.

In Aberdeen, Scotland, pubs and restaurants were closed yesterday as the city entered another lockdown. Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon said that it was necessary for a new lockdown to start in Aberdeen.

"So i can confirm that it was agreed at score this morning to reimpose some restrictions on the Aberdeen city area, and I want to set out what these restrictions are. Our travel guidance to people in Aberdeen from today is that you should no longer travel more than five miles for leisure or recreational purposes. You may continue to travel for work or education but we advise against other travel. We're also advising people who are not in Aberdeen not to travel to Aberdeen. From today people in Aberdeen should not go into each other’s houses. And finally, we will be introducing regulations we will publish these later today requiring all indoor and outdoor hospitality in the city to close by 5 pm today that includes all bars restaurants cafes and pubs.”


Zimbabwe's Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has been made the health minister, a month after the former health minister, Obadiah Moyo, was fired over corruption allegations. Moyo was accused of illegally granting a $20m contract for coronavirus testing kits. He was arrested in June and was freed on bail as he awaits trial.

In Ethiopia, 250 ventilators have been donated to help with the coronavirus pandemic. The donation was made by the US government, after President Donald Trump promised to do so on a phone call with the Ethiopian Prime Minister in April.

In South Africa, around 24,000 health workers have had the coronavirus since the pandemic hit the country in March. The health minister announced yesterday that 181 of those infected have died.


President Donald Trump argued yesterday that children should return to schools because they’re “almost immune” from the coronavirus. Though children are in less danger to the virus, they can still pass it on to others in their household or within their community.  This is what President Trump had to say:

“Young people are almost immune to this disease the younger the better I guess they're stronger they’re stronger they have a stronger immune system it's an incredible thing nobody's ever seen this before various types of flu will hurt young people more than older people but young people are almost immune if you look at the percentage it's a tiny percent of one percent. So we have to have our schools open we have to protect our teachers we have to protect our elderly but we do have to have our schools open.”

In Latin America, Colombia's Supreme Court has put former President Alvaro Uribe under house arrest. He is currently being investigated for fraud and bribery.

And Finally, in the Antarctic, Satellites have found new colonies of Emperor penguins. This discovery means the population has risen by 5-10%.

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