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Sunday 28th June 2020

Confirmed COVID19 infections have passed 10 million.

Starting in the Americas

The United States has set a new daily record of coronavirus cases – recording over 47,000 for Friday. Some states have reimposed lockdown restrictions after a rise in cases. Recent polls show that More than half of the population think that President Donald Trump has handled the pandemic badly. Current polls also suggest that Donald Trump will lose this years presidential election. Most national polls show democrat Joe Biden ahead by at least 5%, and one poll by the New York Times showed Joe Biden winning 50% ov votes with Trump winning only 36%. More importantly, most polls show Biden winning in 6 states that Trump won in 2016. Last week, Trump suggested that Biden had mental health problems by saying that Biden was ‘not all there’…

“Joe’s not all there. Everybody Knows it. And its sad when you look at it and you see it. See it for yourself.” This week Biden has attacked Trump’s lack of action on coronavirus. “Donald Trump needs to stop caring about he looks, and start caring about what’s happening in the rest of America. He’s like a child who cant believe this has happened to him. All his whining and self pity. Well this pandemic didn’t happen to him, it happened to all of us. And his job isn’t to whine about it. His job is to do something about it. To lead!"

Latin America…

Honduras’ president has said that the coronavirus situation is becoming more complicated in Honduras. President Juan Orlando Hernandez spoke from hospital yesterday, where he is being treated for COVID19.

While other parts of central America are reporting rapidly rising cases, Costa Rica is announcing its plans to restart tourism. Costa Rica has been praised for its handling of the pandemic. Cinemas, shopping centres and beaches will be opened soon, and international flights will resume from 1st August.

But Brazil is by far the worst hit country in Latin America, with 56,00 confirmed deaths and 1.3 million confirmed cases. Although the virus was mostly in larger cities, the virus is now spreading faster into smaller villages, which generally have poorer health systems. Mexico, Chile and Peru continue to show fast rises In cases.


In Malawi opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera has been declared the winner of the presidential election. According to the election commission Chakwera won 58% of the vote. He should be sworn in as president on Sunday. Current president Peter Mutharika has said that there were irregularities during this election, however the Malawi Human rights Commision has said that the elections were peaceful and transparent.

Zimbabwe has suspended trade on the stock exchange, all online banking and mobile payments. The government has said that it is attempting to stop the devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar.

Yesterday was LGBT pride in many parts of the world. Because of lockdown restrictions many celebration were held online, however there were small parades in New York and in London. Former US President Barack Obama sent a message of solidarity to the LGBT community…

“Marriage equality became the law of the land 5 years ago. And just this month the supreme court ruled that employers can no longer discriminate against LGBTQ workers and all that progress is worth celebrating and reflecting on. The struggle and triumph for LGBTQ rights shows how protest and politics go hand in hand.”


Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. UNICEF the United Nations Children’s Fund announced on Friday that 13 million people are in need of aid and over 2 million children are at risk of malnutrition. As well as coronavirus, there are outbreaks of cholera, malaria and dengue. Yemen’s civil war is continuing, despite calls from the United Nations for a ceasefire.

In India COVID19 cases passed 500,000. Experts are warning that this number could double to one million in only 3 weeks. In Delhi more than 40,000 people have been confirmed infected in the last 2 weeks. In the capital some schools and public buildings are being turned into COVID wards.

Europe quickly…

Police in Scotland have said that the person who was shot dead by police on Friday after a knife attack was a 28 year old man from Sudan. Last Sunday a 25 year old man from Libya killed 3 people with a knife in the city of Reading. Both men were asylum seekers.

Ireland has a new Prime Minister. A coalition between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael has made Michael Martin Prime Minister, although the power-sharing agreement will allow Leo Varadkar to become Prime Minister again in December 2022.

And Iceland has had elections. At the time of recording this podcast, it seems likely that President Johannesson will win a second term.

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