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Thursday 11th November 2021


Russia has sent two nuclear-capable planes to patrol the airspace over Belarus. Russia is showing its support for Belarus during the continuing migrant crisis and blamed the European Union for closing its border with Belarus. Thousands of people, mostly Iraqis are stuck on the border between Belarus and Poland, and the EU says that Belarus has deliberately put them there. Yesterday The German chancellor Angela Markel asked Russian president Vladimir Putin to help resolve the crisis. European Council President Charles Michel said yesterday that Belarus was making a ‘hybrid attack’ on the EU...

“We are facing a brutal hybrid attack on our EU borders. Belarus is weaponizing migrants’ distress in a cynical and shocking way.”

Germany is reporting its highest rates of Covid19 infection since the beginning of the pandemic, with new infections reaching nearly 40,000 per day. Health minister Jens Spahn has blamed unvaccinated people for the increase.

In the United Kingdom, Malala Yousafzai has got married. Yousafzai is a women’s rights campaigner, who was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban when she was 15, and later won the nobel peace prize. She shared the news on Twitter, saying “Today marks a precious day in my life.”


In Sudan, Internet services remain disrupted, despite a court order telling them to restart. Internet connection in Sudan has been disrupted since 25th October, when the military took power in a coup d’etat. Internet disruption makes it difficult for people to communicate and for activists to organise demonstrations. On Tuesday, a court ordered Internet providers to restore services. The United States has called the continued disruption a violation of international law.

Guinea has said that children aged 12-17 will receive the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines. So far, the country has given over 2 million vaccine doses, fully vaccinating about 9% of its population. This is much less than the average for the world. 51% of people in the world have been vaccinated against COVID19.

Benin’s President Patrice Talon has travelled to France to collect 26 ancient artefacts. The pieces were taken by French soldiers from Benin’s Places of Abomey in the 19th century. Benin has said that it wants to claim back 5,000 pieces of art. French president Emmanuel Macron praised Benin for claiming their works back.

“Today’s gesture is the possibility to the youth of Benin – of Africa – to see again the works of its history and heritage, to be able to admire them at home. And I wish for this movement to carry on and that what is universal be accessible in Cotonou as much as in Paris and we will continue this work together. Thank you, president.”

Benin’s president Patrice Talon said that this is just a step towards getting Benin’s valuable cultural items back.

“But dear Mr President, you will agree with me, the restitution of 26 artworks that we celebrate today is only a step in the ambitious process of equity and of restitution of the memorial heritage extorted from the territory of the Benin kingdom by France.”


In Haiti people are finding it difficult to access fuel. Juliet Martin reports...

Citizens of Haiti are experiencing a fuel shortage, caused by gangs blocking access roads. The shortage means water pumps have stopped working, and many residents of the capital Port-au-Prince are drinking rainwater. The situation in Haiti has escalated since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July, which gave gang leaders more power. Since then, many Haitians have gathered at the US-Mexico border, trying to enter the United States.

In the United States, consumer prices are rising at their fastest rate in thirty years. The rise in food and fuel prices has been blamed on increasing demand from the recovery from the pandemic, supply issues and shortages of staff.


In Pakistan, a ceasefire has been announced between the government and the Taliban. Khadija Tahir reports:

“The Pakistani government has reached a ceasefire agreement with a local terrorist group. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has been linked to the Afghan Taliban and has tried to overthrow the Pakistani government for years. The Tehreek-e-Taliban have carried out multiple suicide bombings in Pakistan, including the 2014 attack on a school in Peshawar, which killed 132 children and their attempt to kill Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Now the Pakistani government has agreed on a one-month long ceasefire with the TTP, which allegedly contains negotiations to release several prisoners, in order to work on a peace accord.”

In Myanmar, American journalist Danny Fenster has been charged with terrorism. The trial will begin on 16th November. The maximum penalty for terrorism is life imprisonment. Many local journalists have been detained in Myanmar since the coup in February, when the military government gained power. Fenster had already been arrested in May. The United States has asked Myanmar to free Fenster.

And a Japanese train driver is suing his company after he was fined 56 yen, less than 50 dollar cents. The driver had 56 yen deducted from his pay, for delaying train services by one minute. The employee is now suing the company for 2.2 million yen, around $19,000, for the mental anguish caused.

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