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Thursday 14th May 2020.

The president of Afghanistan, has blamed the Taliban for attacks on civilians on Tuesday. 50 people are now known to have died in the terrorist attacks. President Ashraf Ghani has said that the Afghani army will change from a defensive to an offensive role. However, the Taliban have denied connections to the attack. The Islamic state claimed responsibility for one of the attacks, but not the other. The United Nations and many countries have condemned the attacks. China has locked down the city off. Xiulan. Xiulan is close to the borders of Russia and North Korea. After weeks of almost no new cases COVID19 China reported 17 yesterday. China has not reported any death from COVID19 since April. The World Health Organisation have suggested that COVID19 may never be eradicated. W H O expert Mike Ryan said that COVID9 could be like HIV, a disease that the world learns to live with. "This virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away. HIV has not gone away, but we've come to terms with the virus and we have found the therapies and we found the prevention methods and people don't feel as scared as they did before, and we're offering life. to people with HIV long, healthy lives to people With HIV." Africa Guinea saw large protests on Sunda., Six people were killed when police clashed with protesters. People were demanding an end to the Corona virus lockdown. Guinea has over 2300 confirmed cases of COVID19. However, testing rates are extremely low.

Lesotho has confirmed its first case off COVID19. The case was from a South African national. Every country in Africa has now confirmed the presence of COVID19.

Tunisia has shortened it's curfew. It is now from 11 p.m. To 5 a.m. - only six hours compared to the 10 hour curfew before. Tunisia has reported no new cases off COVID19 for three days, and only five people remain in hospital with the disease.

2/3 of the world's confirmed COVID19 deaths are from Europe. 160,000 Europeans are now known to have died. However, the rate is going down in most countries. 2020 will be the worst year for the travel industry in history. But yesterday the European Commission demonstrated plans to begin some tourism this year. The plan could see countries with a similar COVID19 risk opening to each other. Last week, the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania announced plans to begin travel between them. Another plan could see Germany, Austria and Czechia open their connecting borders. Spain has said that it definitely won't open any borders until July. Margaret Vester, the vice president of the EU commission, said that Europeans should not have to stay at home this year...

" Tourism is a vital part of Europe's economy, really at 10th off GDP across Europe and more than 10% in 11 member states millions of jobs depend on tourism. Of course, this is not going to be a normal summer, not for any of us. But when we all work together and we all do our part in the ways the commission is setting out today, then we don't have to face a summer stuck at home...

Spain has relaxed many off its restrictions. Although big cities remain under lockdown, the rest of the country has begun to open. One of our listeners in the south of Spain told us how he has enjoyed being able to go out again.

Thank you, Louise Miguel. Tell us about life in your city or country by sending a what's up. Audio message to plus 447307872842


Chile's capital Santiago has declared a lock down. Jaime Malich the Health minister has announced a general quarantine for the Greater Santiago area for two weeks. Chile's number of confirmed cases has multiplied by five. Under the new rules, people over 75 are not allowed to leave their houses at all.

In Mexico, 353 deaths were recorded for Tuesday, the worst single day yet. Mexico has 38,000 confirmed cases off COVID19. However, experts believe the real number may be many times higher. There have also been cases of mass alcohol poisoning in Mexico. This has bean related to a prohibition of alcohol production since March. It is thought that people have been making their own alcohol, which has led to an increase in ethanol poisoning

And in the United States. Jack Dorsey, the CEO off Twitter, has said that workers can work from home forever. To satisfy more traditional workers. Dorsey said that they will also have some office space available. Last month, Jack Dorsey gave $1 billion to fight COVID19.

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