Thursday 15th October 2020


Yesterday in Thailand, pro-democracy protesters chanted “our taxes” on the streets as they stood in the way of the King and Queen who rode in their car. The protesters also raised their three-fingers, which has become a sign for the protest movement. They have asked for a limit on the king's powers and for the Prime Minister to step down.

In India, at least 16 people were killed from houses falling due to heavy rain. Nine people died in the city of Hyderabad after a wall broke down and fell on a set of homes. The deaths included a two-month-old baby.


In the United States, the third day of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett began yesterday. Among many important issues, Ms Barrett addressed how she had no agenda to the laws on abortion.

"I can't pre-commit or say yes i'm going in with some agenda, because i'm not. I dont have any agenda. I have no agenda to overrule Casey. I have an agenda to stick to the rule of law and decide cases as they come."

Twitter has taken down a number of fake accounts pretending to be black supporters of US President Donald Trump. The social media company said the accounts broke its community guidelines. Many of the accounts used the same language, including the phrase: "YES IM BLACK AND IM VOTING FOR TRUMP!!!.” Twitter has not yet said the exact number of accounts suspended so far.

In Mexico, the widow of a Mexican mayor who died of Covid-19 will take his place for the rest of his term in office. The state congress in Sinaloa approved Pier Angely Camacho's nomination by 35 votes in favour.


In Uganda, politician and musician, Bobi Wine, said yesterday that the documents he needed to run for president went missing after police raided his home. Mr Wine said it was an attempt to stop him from challenging the President in next year's election. Police have denied that the raid was for that reason, and said it was an investigation into misuse of uniform.

"This investigation basically was on the illegal use of uniform and acculturation of the armed forces by civilians. And this is a serious concern which was brought to attention by the joint leadership of the armed forces."

In Nigeria, the head of the police said yesterday that SWAT - the Special Weapons And Tactics team - will replace the Special Anti Robbery Squad also known as Sars. But many are using the hashtag #EndSwat on Twitter, as they feel this change is not good enough. SARS has long been accused of extreme force, unlawful arrests, torture, and even murders.


French President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday that people must stay indoors from 9pm to 6am in Paris and eight other cities. This is to control the spread of coronavirus. The curfew will begin this Saturday and last for at least four weeks. A state of emergency has also been declared.

In Greece, the leaders of Neo-nazi party, Golden Dawn, were sentenced to 13 years in prison yesterday. This was for running a criminal gang involved in hate crime. The party's founder and leader, was sentence alongside six members of his group who were once Greek MPs. Golden Dawn was blamed for multiple attacks, mostly in Athens, against immigrants and left-wing activists, many resulting in serious injury. 

In England, Birmingham City Council accidentally gave out used coronavirus swab tests. 25 kits had been given out by mistake as a part of its "drop-and-collect" service. The council said the error was quickly realised, but one student in the area said he and his housemates used the tests without realising they were not new.

And finally in the Netherlands, the government has agreed to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children aged between 1 and 12. On Tuesday, the Health Minister said this could stop some children from suffering. Euthanasia - the practice of ending a life to end suffering - is currently legal in the Netherlands for children older than 12. This still requires. permission from the patient and their parents.

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