Thursday 17th June 2021

Europe Yesterday in Switzerland, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met for their first summit. After the meeting both presidents held separate press conferences. During Putin’s press conference, he denied that Russia was responsible for cyber attacks, despite the US claiming that Russia was responsible. Putin called America the biggest offender. After describing Biden as "different" from other leaders, including former president Donald Trump, Putin criticised the US for its gun violence. Putin also said that Biden raised the issue of US citizens who are jailed in Russia; to which Putin said there could be "compromises" on a prisoner exchange. The Russian president confirmed that Biden has not invited him to the White House, and Putin said he had not invited Biden to Moscow either. During Biden’s press conference, he said he will continue to raise issues of human rights in Russia.

JB: "So human rights is gonna always be on the table, I told him. That's why we're gonna raise our concerns about cases like Alexei Navalny. I made it clear to President Putin that we'll continue to raise issues of fundamental human rights. I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack, period. The tone of the entire meeting - I guess it was a total of four hours - was good, positive."

In the UK, the Prime Ministers former advisor, Dominic Cummings, has allegedly published messages from Boris Johnson. In the messages, the prime minister calls health secretary Matt Hancock “hopeless". Downing Street did not deny the messages. During Prime Minister question time, SNP leader Ian Blackford asked if the messages were real, but Boris did not respond.

IB: "As we enter the chamber, we see what is reported to be Whatsapp communication between the prime minister and Dominic Cummings; and perhaps the prime minister will clarify whether or not these are genuine and whether the derogatory comments that he expressed on his health secretary are valid or not."

The PM's official spokesman insisted Mr Johnson has full confidence in the health secretary.


In Peru, Leftist candidate Pedro Castillo has won the most votes in the presidential run-off elections. With all votes now counted, Mr Castillo has just over 50% of the votes. This is 44,000 more than right-wing contender Keiko Fujimori. However, Mr Castillo cannot be declared the winner until electoral authorities have finished looking into claims of fraud. Ms Fujimori claimed electoral fraud, but has not yet provided any evidence.

In the United States, the Senate has passed a bill to make Juneteenth, the day that marks the end of slavery in the the United States, a federal holiday. Juneteenth marks the day on 19th June 1865 when enslaved black people in Texas learned they had finally been freed.


In Liberia, the government is searching for 140 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in the last few weeks. These people have not reported to health facilities for treatment and isolation. The health ministry has asked the individuals to please answer their phones, saying it was important to trace them to stop further transmission of the virus.

In Mozambique, there will be a investigation into reports that staff at a women's prison have been forcing prisoners into prostitution. An Anti-corruption organisation called the Centre for Public Integrity (CIP) said that for years these female prisoners have been taken to nearby houses to work as prostitutes for rich clients.

Asia In India, police have filed a case against Twitter and well known journalists. Police say the journalists falsely said that a Muslim man was beaten by Hindu men while sharing a video of the incident on Twitter. However, officials said that the man was beaten by both Hindu and Muslim men. Most journalists have deleted the tweets but Twitter has not yet made a statement. Recently there has been a rise in conflict between the Indian government and Twitter over India's new IT laws.

In Bhutan, flash floods caused by heavy monsoon rains have killed 10 people. The villagers were sleeping when the floodwaters hit just after midnight.

And finally, soft drink company Coca-Cola lost $4bn in market value after football star Cristiano Ronaldo removed their bottles during a press conference. The Portugal captain is known to take health very seriously. After moving the bottles he held up a bottle of water to the crowd, appearing to encourage people to choose water instead.

And that’s your world news in 7 minutes. Send your opinion on any news story by email to or send an audio message at where you can also find transcripts. I’m Namitha Ragunath, and tomorrow you will be with Stephen Devincenzi. Have a great day.

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