Thursday 19th May 2022


Finland and Sweden have formally applied to join the NATO alliance. All members of NATO would need to approve their membership. NATO’s secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has said he hopes issues raised by Turkey can be resolved.

“I warmly welcome the requests by Finland and Sweden to join NATO. You are our closest partners and your membership in NATO would increase our shared security. The applications you have made today are an historic step. Allies will now consider the next steps on your path to NATO. The security interests of all allies have to be taken into account, and we are determined to work through all issues and reach rapid conclusions.”

In Ukraine, Human Rights Watch says that it has recorded more “apparent war crimes” by Russian troops, including executions and torture. Human Rights Watch has asked for the alleged crimes to be impartially investigated. Russia has denied targeting civilians or committing war crimes.

A Russian soldier has pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed civilian in Kyiv. This was the court’s first war crimes trial against a Russian soldier involved in the invasion of Ukraine in February. If convicted, the man may receive up to life in prison.

Russia has expelled a total of 85 French, Spanish and Italy embassy staff, after Russian diplomats were expelled from those countries.

Russia says that 959 Ukrainian fighters have surrendered from a steelworks in Mariupol after the siege ended. The leader of the separatist Donetsk region Denis Pushilin has said that a court will decide what will happen to the fighters.

Ukraine and Russia have each blamed the other for the lack of progress in peace talks. The last negotiations took place on 29th March, according to reports.

The United Kingdom is planning new legislation on trade with Northern Ireland to ease the movement of goods and apply British tax laws in Northern Ireland. The European Union has said the action is “not acceptable”.


In Afghanistan, the Taliban have mediated a temporary ceasefire between Pakistan and a militant Taliban group in Pakistan. The ceasefire will last until the 30th May.

The Philippines president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr has said that the Philippines’ ties with China will “shift to a higher gear” when he takes power. Marcos says he held “very substantial” talks with Chinese president Xi Jinping yesterday.


United States national security adviser Jake Sullivan spoke to Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi yesterday. They spoke about regional security issues, non-proliferation and the war in Ukraine, according to the United States.

In Mexico, the state of Guerrero has become the ninth state to allow abortions. The previous punishment for abortion was one to three years in jail.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro will sue a Supreme Court justice for abuse of authority, according to Reuters. Bolsonaro will stand for re-election as president in October.


In Burkina Faso, no more survivors have been found inside a mine chamber which flooded last month. The mine flooded due to unexpected heavy rain. Eight miners are still missing.

Mozambique has declared a polio outbreak. Polio has been detected in the country for the first time in almost 30 years.

In Kenya, a 16-year-old boy aiming to become the youngest person to fly around the world solo has landed in the capital, Nairobi. British-Belgian Mack Rutherford started in Bulgaria in March and reached Kenya yesterday. He will visit four more countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean, then travel to the Middle East, Asia and North America before returning to Europe.

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