Thursday 19th November 2020


In the United States, President Donald Trump called for a recount in certain counties, hours before yesterday’s deadline. Officials said they received $3m from the Trump campaign to pay for the recount. Trump has also fired the director of the US cyber security agency, Christopher Krebs. Mr. Krebs removal comes after he defended the 2020 presidential elections, saying there was no fraud. Since the election president trump has only spoken a few times, but he has repeated that there has been fraud.

"There has been a lot of shenanigans, this is a corrupt system. This is a major fraud on our nation. If you count the legal votes I easily win. Frankly, we did win this election."

In Argentina, it was announced yesterday that President Alberto Fernández is to present a new bill to Congress on legalising abortion. He said the bill will save lives, as every year almost 40,000 women are treated in hospital after unsafe illegal and abortions. Abortion is illegal in most countries in Latin America. If the bill is passed, Argentina will become the largest country in the region to legalise it.

In Peru, Francisco Sagasti spoke for the first time as president on Tuesday. Peru has seen deadly protests this week and the resignation of 2 presidents - making Sagasti Peru’s third president in a week.

"It is a moment to ask ourselves where we lost our way. It is a moment to amend and to advance decisively towards a better future for all Peruvians.”


In Uganda’s capital, Kampala, protests began yesterday after police arrested presidential candidate and musician Bobi Wine. Officials accused Mr. Wine of not following coronavirus rules while out campaigning for next year’s presidential election. Opposition leader Mr. Wine said on Twitter yesterday that police violently broke into his car and took him into custody. An unknown number of people were killed and injured after police officers fired tear gas at protestors.

In South Africa, a controversial millionaire preacher has turned himself in to police after he was issued a warrant of arrest, for not following bail and leaving the country. Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, are facing charges of money laundering and fraud in South Africa. On Saturday he told his social media followers that he had left the country because he had received death threats.

Yesterday the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) celebrated the end of Ebola. Authorities have spent months working with their communities to stop the spread of a virus that has now killed more than 2,000 people. They did this facing not one but two deadly viruses, with COVID-19 cases first reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in March.


In Germany, several thousand people gathered in central Berlin yesterday. This was to protest against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plans to enforce restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Police have used water cannons to break up protesters, after they had refused to wear masks.

In France, a new bill has been created, making it illegal to share images of police officers if the reason behind it is to put them in danger. This means it could be illegal to share images that can be used to identify or locate police officers to people who could possibly harm them or harass them. The French government said this is to protect them from violent attacks, but critics say it is a way of covering up police brutality. The bill will be presented before the cabinet on December 9.


In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had his first phone call conversation with US President-elect Joe Biden. During the call they agreed to work together to improve India and America’s relationship. This was announced by India’s External Affairs Ministry yesterday. After Modi congratulated Biden on their phone call they discussed their priorities, including the coronavirus, and climate change.

In China, a Covid-19 vaccine has shown success in its trial stage. According to researchers, the Sinovac Biotech vaccine led to quick responses during trials with around 700 people. This announcement comes after European and US vaccines reported successful trials. Three vaccines, developed in the US, Germany and Russia, have all released data with efficiency rates of more than 90%, after trials with tens of thousands of people.

And finally in New Zealand, police have introduced a hijab into their official uniform to encourage more Muslim women to join. Zeena Ali will become the first officer to wear the official hijab. A spokesperson said this is to create an "inclusive" service to reflect New Zealand's "diverse community".

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