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Thursday 21st May 2020.


Bangladesh and India are in the middle of cyclone Amphan. In Bangladesh 2 million people were evacuated. At the time of recording this podcast 12 people were known to have died. There is a concern that coronavirus may be spread in the refuge centres.

Indonesia reported its highest daily rise in COVID19 cases yesterday, 693. At least 15 people are expected to have been infected while attending a funeral in East Java.


Antonio Guterres, UN secerety General has called for international action to help Africa…

“These are still early days for the pandemic in Africa and disruption could escalate quickly. Global solidarity with Africa is an imperative now and for receiving better. We are calling for international action to strengthen Africa’s health systems, maintain food supplies, avoid a financial crisis, support education, protect jobs keep households and businesses afloat and cash on the continent against lost income and export earnings.”

In South Sudan over a hundred people have been killed in intercommunal violence. Humanitarian group medecins sans frontier say that one of their workers died in the violence.

Lesotho has sworn in new president. Moeketsi Majoro was previously the minister of Finance. He will president until elections in 2022.

Burundi held an election yesterday. The election has taken place without international inspectors. Social media was blocked for the month before the election. No violence was reported yesterday, but some opposition supporters said that they were intimidated.

Tell us what is happening in your area. Last week we broadcast messages from Spain, Peru and Brazil. Sendu a whatsapp audio message to +44 7307 872 842

The European Centre for Disease Control has said that a second wave of coronavirus is likely in Europe. Dr Andrea Ammon of the ECDC said that only a small percentage of Europeans have been infected, and so the virus still has many more people to infect. She said “Its not the time now to completely relax”.


Brazil’s COVID19 situation continues to worsen. 1,179 deaths were recorded for Tuesday, with 16,500 new cases. Brazil now has the third highest number of confirmed cases in the world, after the US and Russia. However, experts suggest that the true number in Brazil could be 15 time higher. According to Johns Hopkins University, Brazil’s testing rate is ten times lower than that of the United States or Russia. President Jair Bolsonaro yesterday recommended the use of hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug that Donald Trump is taking. Mike Ryan, from the World Health Organization, said yesterday that hydroxychloroquine had not shown positive results, and could be dangerous for some people.

In Nicaragua a group of doctors say that the number of coronavirus deaths has been underreported. The official number is 17, but the group say that real number is over ten times higher. Separately, Nicaragua was hit by an earthquake yesterday

Quickly, the rest of Latin America - Peru’s number of confirmed cases has passed 100,000. Cuban doctors have arrived in Mexico to help fight the pandemic. And Colombia has banned all international flights until the end of August, the same rules as Argentina.

Mike Pompero, US secretary of state, yesterday said that China’s contributions to fighting the coronavirus pandemic were small, compared to the cost that they have put on the world. He also suggested that the world Health Organization’s Tedros Adhanom has unusually close ties, with China…

“Chinas contribution to fighting the pandemic are paultry compared to the costs they have imposed on the world. … Chinese communist party also chose to pressure the world health organiazations director general into excluding Taiwan from this weeks world health assembly in Geneva. I understand that Dr Tedros’s unusually close ties to Beijing started long before this current pandemic and that is deeply troubling.”

Zacarias Moussaouri is the only person alive who was convicted of terrorism for the September 11th attacks in 2001. In court in 2006 he said God Save Osama bin Laden. But now, he has changed his mind completely, saying that he is opposed to any terrorist action. He says that he now wants to warn young Muslims against becoming extremists.

And In the United Kingdom 100 year old Captain Tom Moore has been Knighted. Captain Tom was made famous last month, after he helped to raise £32 million pounds for the national health service by walking around his house. After recommendation from the Prime Minister, Tom was knighted by the Queen yesterday. He will now be known as Captain Sir Tom Moore.

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