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Thursday 24th September 2020


Russian opposition leader Alexy Navelny has left hospital in Berlin. Navelny was transported to Germany after allegedly being poisoned in Russia. Studies have shown that Navelny was poisoned with Novichok - a chemical produced by Russia. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Russia for a full explanation of for Navalny’s poisoning. The United Kingdom has accused Russia’s military intelligence of carrying out the attack. A similar attack on a Russian spy took place in the UK in 2018, using Novichok.

In Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko held an inauguration ceremony yesterday, to start his sixth term as president. Protests have rocked Belarus since the 9th August election, that opposition groups say were rigged. The biggest protests attracted up to 200,000 people. Yesterday opposition politician Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who is in exile in Lithuania, said that she had been chosen by Belarussians.


In the United States one of the three police officers accused of killing Breonna Taylor has been charged in Kentucky. In March Breonna Taylor was killed in her home by police officers after shots were fired by her boyfriend. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said that police officer Brett Hankin son is innocent until proven guilty...

“After hearing the evidence from our team of prosecutors, the Grand Jury voted to return and indictment against detective Hankingson for three counts of wanton endangerment for wantonly placing the three individuals in apartment 3 in danger of serious physical injuries or death. My office is prepared to prove these charges at trial . However, it is important to note that he is presumed innocent, until proven guilty.”

There has been anger in the United States that the two other police officers were found to have been justified for firing their guns in Breonna Taylor’s house. Last week, the city of Louisville agreed to pay $12 million dollars to the family of Breonna Taylor - the biggest amount ever paid for police misconduct.

Argentina’s healthcare system is under strain from coronavirus, according to healthcare workers. Argentina was praised internationally for its effective action against the spread of coronavirus earlier this year - however, for the last month, Argentina has recorded around 10,000 new cases every day.


In Afghanistan at least 28 policeman were killed yesterday in different attacks. The Taliban has claimed responsibility, and said that the policemen were given the opportunity to surrender. On Sunday 14 more policemen were killed. The violence has continued despite ongoing talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, in Qatar.

In India, the death toll from the collapse of a building has risen to 35 and at least 8 people are still missing. The apartment building in Mumbai fell early on Monday morning. Building collapses are common in India during the rainy season.


In South Sudan, top politicians and bureaucrats stole at least $36 million dollars of public money, according to a United Nations report. Last week South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir fired the finance minister and the director of the state owned oil-company. South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world, with most of the population living below the poverty line.

In Nigeria a road accident involving a petrol tanker has killed at least 23 people. The crash took place yesterday in the central state of Koji. President Muhammadu Buhari said that he was concerned about the frequency of these accidents.

And Zambian author Namwali Serpell has won this year’s Arthur C Clarke literature award. Serpell’s book ‘The Old Drift’ tells the story of 3 Zambian families, in the past, in the present and in the future. Last year’s winner, Tade Thompson, said that ‘The Old Drift’ is “the great African novel of the 21st century.”

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