Thursday 25th March 2021


In Myanmar, a seven-year-old girl has been shot dead. She is the youngest known victim to be killed following last month's military coup. Khin Myo Chit's family said she was killed by police while she ran towards her father. This happened during a raid on their home in the city of Mandalay. Myanmar's military has been increasing its use of force as protests continue. A rights group called ‘Save the Children’ say more than 20 children have been killed.

In India, a new "double mutant" variant of the coronavirus has been found. It is called a “double mutant” variant because two mutations were found together in the same virus. Officials are checking if this variant may be more infectious. Officials say the variants are not responsible for the rise in cases in India. Yesterday India reported the sharpest daily rise in deaths this year.


In Ethiopia, the Human Rights Commission said yesterday that Eritrean soldiers killed more than 100 people in November. This happened during fights in the Ethiopian region of Tigray. This information comes after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed admitted for the first time that Eritrean troops had crossed the border into Tigray and may have been involved in mass killings.

In Libya, France will reopen its embassy in the capital Tripoli next Monday. French President Emmanuel Macron said this is to show support for Libya’s new unity government. Libya’s new unity government led by Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah formed on March 16th. Previously, there were two rival administrations that ruled Libya’s eastern and western regions.

In South Africa, the government has sold its unused doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines to countries in the African Union. This was announced yesterday. South Africa stopped the use of the jab because a small trial showed it was less effective than other vaccines against the local variant of the coronavirus.


In the United States, yesterday was Equal Pay Day. President Joe Biden invited members of the US women’s national soccer team to the White House. First Lady Jill Biden spoke at the white house yesterday to support equal pay for men and women.

"A job is so much more than a pay check. But our pay checks reflect how we are valued by our employers and even by our communities. How do we value women when they have to work 3 months and 24 days longer to make the same amount as their male colleagues. How do we value the black and latina women who have to work many months more just to make up that same number. Equal work deserves equal pay, no matter who does it.

Also in the United States, Police chief Maris Herold yesterday paid tribute to Officer Eric Talley who died at a mass shooting in grocery store in Colorado.

"One of our boulder PD officers by the name of Eric Talley who's been on the boulder police department since 2010, he's served in numerous roles supporting the boulder police department and the community of boulder and I have to tell you the heroic action of this officer when he responded to this scene. Officer tally responded to the scene was the first on the scene and he was fatally shot."

In Chile, Pope Francis has selected a sexual abuse survivor to join a Vatican team.The team focuses on education to stop abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. Juan Carlos Cruz, is an international speaker for abuse victims. He was abused as a teenager in Chile by a well known paedophile, Father Fernando Karadima.


In Germany, plans for a strict lockdown over easter were cancelled yesterday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the plan a “mistake” and said she was responsible for the change in plans. The plans for a lockdown was decided on Monday by German leaders. But it has been cancelled after a crisis meeting yesterday. The lockdown was criticised by business leaders and scientists.

In the UK, all government buildings in England, Wales and Scotland will now have to raise the Union flag every day. This is a new rule made by the culture department. Currently, flags are only raised on special days, like the Queen's birthday. But Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said the flag is "a proud reminder of the UK’s history.”

And finally, in the United States, NASA said it will fly the first helicopter on Mars in early April. The helicopter, called Ingenuity, is the size of a Chihuahua, a small dog.

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