Thursday 28th July 2022


In Iraq protestors have stormed the parliament building. Last night thousands of people entered the parliament building after protesting in Baghdad’s Green Zone which is heavily fortified and contains foreign embassies. Most of the protesters are supporters of the Shia leader Mutada al Sadr, whose Sadrist party won the most votes in last year’s election. The protesters are against the proposal of Mohammed Shia al-Suddani becoming Prime Minister. Although Iraq’s elections were held almost ten months ago, a government has not been formed, mostly because of political differences between the Shia supporters of Al Sadr, and Sunni parties that are supported by Iran. Al Sadr told his supporters yesterday that their message had been seen that they should now go home.

In the Philippines, there was an extreme earthquake yesterday. At last 5 people were killed on the island of Luzon and buildings were damaged in the capital, Manila. President Bongbong Marcos said that rescue operations were continuing...

“By the end of the day, the majority of these roads that I have mentioned as being not passable should already be available for use. I don’t think it is necessary for now to declare a national emergency.”

Japan and Indonesia have reached agreements to extend cooperation on security, especially in the South China Sea, where China claims territorial control in areas that are much closer to other countries. Japan’s military will join Indonesia’s military for training exercises in Indonesia next month, in which the United States will also participate. Indonesian President Joko Widodo visited Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Japan yesterday. Widodo also met Emperor Naruhito.

In Thailand many businesses are starting to use cannabis for the first time. Since decriminalization last month, businesses have been able to apply to sell products which contain less than 0.2% THC, the main psychoactive part of cannabis.


In the United States interest rates have been raised by 0.75% for the second time in two months. The Federal reserve said that the rate rise is aimed to control inflation which is the highest its been in 40 years.

Also in the United States, a trial against popular conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is taking place in Texas. Jones spread conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook School shooting in which 26 people died, saying that it was fake. Parents of children killed in the shooting are suing Jones for defamation, including being sent death threats by Jones’s followers.

Cuban athlete Yaime Perez has defected after participating in the World Championships competition. Perez is the second Cuban athlete to abandon their country to try to stay in the Untied States during the World Championships. It is common for Cubans to abandon their country when playing sports in other countries, to apply for asylum.


in Kenya, vice president and presidential candidate William Ruto was in a presidential debate by himself yesterday, after his main rival Raila Odgina refused to take part. Odinga said that he wouldn’t take part because Ruto has no regard for ethics or morals. Ruto answered questions by himself for an hour...

“We have 5 million young people who are not working, we have ten million citizens who have no access to credit in the micro and small enterprise sector, and I believe I am the candidate with a plan to be able to get Kenya to the next level.”

In Benin, French president Emmanuel Macron visited Benin’s President Patrice Talon yesterday. Macron told Talon that France would help Benin to fight against islamist jihadists. In a visit to Cameroon on Tuesday, Macron criticised Russia’s influence in Africa, especially misinformation and the use of the Wagner group private military company. Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, who is also in Africa this week, said that Africa should not support a world ruled by the West. Today Macron will travel to Guinea-Bissau.


In Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has increased attacks around the Southern Kherson area, which Russia has occupied since March. The Ukrainian army has said that it has hit some bridges to the south of Kherson city which Russia uses to resupply its army in Kherson. In the north, the governor of Kharkiv, said yesterday that Russian forces are continuing to bomb civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv. After attempting to capture Kharkiv for 3 months, Russia retreated away from the city in May, however, fighting is continuing between Kharkiv and the border with Russia. Yesterday Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said that 40,000 Russian soldiers had been killed since the 24th February, however international estimates are generally lower than this.

Russia has greatly reduced its deliveries of gas to Europe again. Russia has said that it was not deliberate and that it was difficult to maintain its services because of European sanctions on Russia.

And between 3,000 and 5,000 metres under the sea, researchers have discovered over 30 new species of animals. Using remotely operated vehicles, scientists brought some of the animals to be studied for the first time, including sea cucumbers, sea sponges, and starfish.

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