Thursday 2nd September 2021


In the US, the top Army general has described the Taliban as a "ruthless group”. Top Army General Mark Milley also said it is unclear whether they will change. However, he said it was "possible" that the US would co-ordinate with the Islamist militants on future operations against terrorism.

MM: "There are no words that I or the secretary or the president or anyone else will ever do to bring the dead back, but we can always honour them."

US forces evacuated from Afghanistan on Tuesday, ending America's longest war. The troops were in Afghanistan for 20 years after the mission began to take down the Taliban. The Islamists are now in control and expected to announce a new government.

In Brazil, Mines and Energy Minister, Bento Albuquerque, is warning that Brazil’s energy crisis is worse than previously thought. Yesterday, Albuquerque announced on TV that the crisis had become worse. According to the minister, usable water was already at it’s lowest level in 91 years.


In the Ivory Coast, a television host has been given a 12-month jail term for “condoning rape”. Yesterday, Presenter Yves de M’Bella laughed and encouraged a guest to act out how he abused his victims by using a doll. After that, the interviewed man was encouraged to give women “advice” on how not to be raped. De M’Bella has apologised for the program and said he was trying to “raise awareness”. The host has been ordered to pay a fine of $3,000 and has been banned from leaving his town. An online petition calling for the host's show to be cancelled has received nearly 50,000 signatures.

In Nigeria, all schools in the North-western Zamfara state have been ordered to close. This is following the latest mass abduction of students. Yesterday morning, men with guns on motorbikes and trucks entered a secondary school. A teacher said 76 students, most of them girls, and a member of staff had been taken. Reports say at least one child was seriously injured when the men started shooting. Kidnappings of schoolchildren continue in northern Nigeria.


In the UK, the government has said it is unsure how many people who are allowed to come to the UK are still in Afghanistan. Foreign secretary Dominic Raab said around 15,000 people have been evacuated since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. He also said that the UK was not expecting the events in Afghanistan to happen so quickly. However, opposition politicians have said a report from July predicted that the Taliban would take over after US forces withdrew.

In Denmark, a historic impeachment trial is taking place today against a former minister. Inger Stoejberg led dozens of tough immigration measures. She is accused of unlawfully ordering the separation of young asylum-seeking couples in 2016. She is facing a lawsuit which accuses her of breaking the law. It is Denmark's first impeachment case in almost three decades, and only the second held in a century.


North Korea has asked that almost three million Covid-19 jabs offered to it be sent to other countries instead. A spokesperson said North Korea had asked that the shots be sent to harder hit nations who dont have enough vaccines. The Chinese-made Sinovac shots were offered under the Covax programme which aims to help poorer nations get the vaccines. North Korea is part of the scheme but is yet to receive any doses under it.

In India, more students have physically gone back to school for the first time in nearly 18 months. This is as authorities have began to reopen more schools despite concerns from some parents and signs that infections are rising again. Schools and colleges in at least six more states will reopen slowly with health measures in place throughout September.

And finally, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo broke the world record for goals scored in men's international football, yesterday. Ronaldo hit his 110th and 111th goals for Portugal in their 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over the Republic of Ireland.

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