Thursday 30th June 2022

Good morning. This is SEND7 World News in 7 minutes. I’m Namitha Ragunath, and today is Thursday the 30th of June 2022.

Starting in the Americas today:


In the United States, yesterday, more statements were made against Donald Trump. This was during a hearing regarding his involvement in the Capitol Riots. Cassidy Hutchinson, who was a top aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, testified yesterday . She said when rioters were calling for Vice-President Mike Pence to be hung, Mr Trump said he agreed. Liz Cheney, who is the top Republican on the House panel investigating the violent attack on the Capitol, spoke about this yesterday.

Liz Cheney: "The Rioters chanted 'hang Mike Pence'. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, said that, quote: "Mike deserves it" and that those riot were not doing anything wrong. This is a sentiment that he has expressed at other times as well, in an interview with ABC correspondent Jonathan Karl. President Trump was asked about the supporters chanting hang Mike Pence last year. Instead of condemning them, the former president defended them."

Donald Trump: "It's common sense, John, it's common sense, that you're supposed to protect - how can you - if you know a vote is fraudulent, right, how can you pass on a fraudulent vote to congress."

In Ecuador, President Guillermo Lasso has survived an attempt by opposition lawmakers to remove him. The opposition-led congress tried to remove the right-wing president over the recent protests in Ecuador. The protests began after a soldier was killed in an attack. The government has been speaking with indigenous leaders to end the protests. But the president said he will not negotiate it any further. The protests have been going on for more than two weeks.


In Ethiopia, yesterday, there were bomb blasts in four separate places. Authorities say the explosions were to terrorise the public. Police have said that six people have been arrested. Tensions have risen in Ethiopia after the authorities launched what they called a "law enforcement operation”. The operation has seen the arrest of thousands of individuals.

In Nigeria, a woman who tweeted about a mass kidnapping has pleaded guilty to misleading the police. Amira Sufyan had earlier this month tweeted that she had been kidnapped along with 16 others by people in police uniforms. That led to public anger and pressure on the authorities to act and rescue them. It later turned out to be a false alarm after days of investigation by the police. She was then arrested.


In Spain, during the NATO summit, President Joe Biden announced that the US will increase its military presence across Europe. This is in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. A permanent army headquarter will be created in Poland. New US warships will go to Spain, fighter jets to the UK and ground troops to Romania. Mr Biden said the US was "stepping up" and proving that Nato was "needed now more than it has ever been”.

President Joe Biden: "Together, our allies, we're going to make sure that Nato is ready to meet threats from all directions, across every domain, land air and the sea. And the moment when Putin has shattered peace in Europe and attacked a very very tenets o rule-based order, The United States and our allies - were going to step up. We're stepping up."

In Scotland, yesterday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met the Queen. Ms Sturgeon's meeting with the Queen came a day after she spoke about plans for a second Scottish independence referendum. Ms Sturgeon has said that the Queen would remain head of state if Scotland becomes independent.


Indonesian president Joko Widodo is visiting Ukraine and Russia in an attempt to re-start peace talks. The president, known as Jokowi, is one of six world leaders the United Nations has appointed as "champions" of a Global Crisis Response Group. The group was formed to address the threat of hunger posed by the war. Jokowi has said he will urge Putin to agree to a ceasefire.

In India, yesterday, the government suspended internet services and banned large gatherings. This is after the murder of a Hindu man caused religious tension. The victim was killed by two Muslim men, who claimed they attacked the victim due to his support for controversial comments made by a politician on the Prophet Muhammad. Police have arrested the two men.

And finally, scientist say smelling dessert rain can be good for health. This is because of the oils and other chemicals released by desert plants. “Forest bathing” is an ancient practice that originated in the forests of eastern Asia. It involves smelling the rain, and spending time in nature to help reduce stress and improve overall health.

That’s your world news in 7 minutes. If you listen on apple podcasts please leave a review and if you listen on Spotify, then please leave a star rating. You can also send us a message at I’m Namitha Ragunath, and tomorrow you will be with Stephen Devincenzi. Have a lovely day.

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